Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in the cannabis plant, but despite being a close relative of marijuana, it usually will not cause a high effect. It provides benefits to humans, as well as animals, without usually causing any psychoactive properties. CBD oil made out of CBD extracts is used in helping to alleviate many mental or physical concerns. One of these concerns is also the dysfunction of sexual desires or arousal. CBD helps provide your body with the energy and strength that is necessary to keep you sexually active, and helps allow you to take more pleasure in the activity. Smilz extracted CBD oil is mixed with other products to give you the desired results required in your bedroom. It can help save you from the embarrassment of many sexual dysfunctions and can help give rise to your erotic interests. 

The journal named “Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences” published in 2009 shows the finding that ECS receptors in sexual reproductive glands are also found in the brain.

The Difference Between Arousal and Libido.

It's easy to confuse libido with arousal. Libido refers to the basic interest in sex or having a common sexual desire or hunger. On the other hand, arousal means your physical response to the sexual stimulus. The dysfunction in this regard can lead to many sexual disorders such as erectile issues, ejaculating issues, or arousal disorder in men or women. Certain studies on sexual dysfunctions have claimed that almost every man faces some symptoms of sexual disorders at least once in their life. 

CBD oils have proven their significant worth in helping these sexual disorders in men as well as in women. By connecting with the receptors of ECS, the THC present in CBD oil triggers sexual arousal in your body.

Sexual Benefits of CBD: 

These are the following ways the Smilz CBD oil can help in proper arousal or libido. 

Erectile issues:

The exact way CBD provides aid to erectile dysfunction is not clear yet, but many studies and theories have claimed that it provides relaxation to blood vessels and promotes a better flow of blood which results in a better erection. 

Lubricating issues:

Dry and painful sex can be the result of low estrogen levels. Estrogen is the hormone that keeps the female sexual organ lubricated and soft. CBD oil is mixed with many lubricants to help with sexual dryness, and help enhance the pleasure in sexual activity. 

Low sex drive:

Smilz CBD oils hold such qualities which affect the part of the brain which control sexual drive. CBD oil can help stimulate the part of your brain responsible for sexual arousal. 

Terpenes and CBD:

Terpenes refer to the aromatic compound found in hemp plants that help in creating the scent for many plants. CBD oils and terpenes combine to form an effect called the entourage effect, where they both work in synergy to provide the combined benefits of both. Many types of research have also shown this combination as a powerful tool to boost the libido and arousal.

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A happy couple jumping on the bed together after discovering benefits of CBD for libido.
A happy couple jumping on the bed together after they discovered the benefits of CBD and how it can help libido.