From product reviews to news reports, the buzz about Delta 8 is causing a flurry of fascination with users of CBD products who’ve been waiting for something a little different. After consuming, Delta 8 users describe its effects as making them feel “giggly” and “relaxed” but also “clear-minded” and giving them a “smooth high.”

If you surf the Web, you’ll find users who post photos of themselves with their eyes half-open under arched eyebrows raised ultra-high and they all have huge grins plastered across their faces.

Feeling a tinge of jealousy after reading those descriptions and thinking of those images of the recreational “chill” that’s usually associated with a weed high? Then, Delta 8 might be right for you.

You might feel the need to forget about the problem or problems of the day or you may just want to literally take the heavy load off by lightening up. Users keep repeating that’s exactly what Delta 8 helps them to do.

Interestingly, one of the best parts about Delta 8 seems to be that the light feeling doesn’t come with any intensity that you might experience with a product that has more THC. It also doesn't give you a stronger high such as a pounding heavy high or even a feeling of disorientation.

You feel light, even giddy, definitely willing and able to have a good time without the worries of a surprise turn for the worse or a weird after-effect.

Really, though, Delta 8 has a lot of other possibilities for users. Many users report that they simply feel sharper but without the anxiousness that might accompany a cup of coffee. Studies show that it may reduce pain and inflammation.

Because of the continually changing landscape of the CBD industry, new and improved products hit the marketplace more often. So, when a cannabinoid such as Delta 8 becomes the topic of interest, CBD users definitely want to take notice. 

And yet, in regards to all the hype surrounding Delta 8, some may question whether or not it’s really even worth their time and money, let alone their attention. Let’s dive into some of those questions with some concrete answers.

Why are so many people interested in Delta 8?

All the hype about Delta 8 appears to be a combination of personal experiences that people are sharing on different social media platforms, CBD and hemp websites, and word of mouth among users. There’s also some pretty good research that seems to be proving them right.

If you take into consideration studies done on Delta 8, its users might be onto something. Their claims point out that cannabinoid produces streamlined results involving mental clarity and focus.

Those users also say that they experience euphoric undertones, enhancing that clarity and focus while also delivering highly effective pain and anxiety reduction. 

All of these experiences aren’t that surprising because Delta 8 does have a uniquely effective way of interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system helps nurture our bodies' health networks. 

This network basically means that ECS is the connection between the mind and body. Cannabinoids help with those connections, especially when there’s damage or disruption involved. Delta 8 seems to work better than other cannabinoids when this happens.

When Delta 8 works its magic, it wraps itself around those broken areas and soothes them. The users feel an easing sensation because it lulls them into a free, light state of mind without any intense hallucinations or psychotropic feelings.

Why are so many people interested in Delta-8

Facts vs. Hype

The fact is that the hype really does mean more than just a bunch of people making up stories that they’re experiencing funky effects with Delta-8. Scientific studies validate claims that it reduces pain as well as inflammation.

According to Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, Delta 8 might reduce pain and inflammation in mice. This 2018 research study showed that a form of Delta 8 was applied topically to the mice, resulting in a decrease in inflammation because of Delta 8’s ability to interact effectively with the CB1 receptors.

The chemical structure of Delta 8 also appears to mimic that of Delta-9 THC, which is one of the reasons medical marijuana is a sought-after prescription for anyone suffering from pain, inflammation, and anxiety. The US National Library of Medicine exhibits the similarities that parallel Delta-9’s anti-anxiety qualities.

The parallels don’t stop there. In a study on pediatric cancer patients, Delta 8 was found to suppress vomiting. Because Delta 8 contains less psychotropic strength than Delta-9, the study revealed more of Delta 8’s advantages.

Another study showed a 22% increase in appetite over an extended period of time. This was especially important because the subjects had lost a significant amount of weight, making weight gain a key factor.

What’s more, this research that was published in Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior divulged Delta 8’s performance outdid Delta-9’s and without any side effects.

These studies signal essential evidence that Delta 8 has the potential to become a valuable addition to the cannabinoid industry.

Is Delta 8 legal?

It all boils down to the fact that if you’re looking for a fab, chill experience, you should know whether or not you can purchase Delta 8 products and legally use them in your state. Unfortunately, because of the novelty surrounding Delta 8 products, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding its legality.

This confusion exists precisely because of the “high” that so many users are enjoying after consuming Delta 8 products. Some states are banning it even though it’s derived from the hemp plant.

Some lawmakers and well-known figures in the CBD and hemp industry find it upsetting that states are interfering with the progress the hemp industry has made over the years.

But, again, when you purchase Delta 8 on, we will let you know if we are able to ship it to your state.

Delta 8 Legal

The details of Delta 8 quality products.

Always consider the brand’s reputation for producing quality CBD products before purchasing Delta 8 products. A company that has built a strong foundation with high-quality CBD products will have established this through its manufacturing and production processes.

A trusted company starts at the source. States such as Oregon and Colorado have a history of growing the best quality hemp. You can’t go wrong if the brand’s source starts in one of these states.

Oregon still remains one of the best places to grow and manufacture CBD. The state’s soil, weather, and overall landscape make it a perfect place to cultivate a quality product from the start.

With a 500% increase in farmers planting hemp in May 2019, Oregon grows the most hemp out of all the states. So much of this has to do with the agricultural department overseeing the whole process, from farming to extraction to testing.

This testing includes testing for contaminants and pesticides, according to Why Oregon May Be the Best Hemp-Growing State.

Delta 8’s extraction differs somewhat from CBD extraction methods. It’s processed in small concentrations and requires detailed processes including extraction, isolation, conversion, and refinement. In order to produce larger concentrations, some manufacturers discovered new ways to transform CBD into Delta 8.

As long as Delta 8 is sourced in Oregon, the product will have at least had the oversight of a trusted organization. Of course, all of Smilz products are sourced in Oregon. So, purchasing Smilz Delta 8 gummies is a simple choice.

The general idea remains the same, if you purchase your products from a trusted brand then you can count on that brand to find the best manufacturers who know what it takes to deliver high-quality cannabinoids.

Smilz save the day

That’s where the Smilz brand shows up and saves your day.

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