Despite what kids might say, waking up early is not just for the elderly. Small business owners, athletes, musicians, and musicians are likely to be very familiar with the concept. We sleepers need to realize that sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.


Nevertheless, waking up early can be beneficial even for night owls and oversleepers. In addition to improving their quality of sleep, maintaining a consistent schedule can improve productivity.


You may not realize how important your circadian rhythm is. You should know that it's okay to do things a little bit at a time when adjusting your sleep schedule. Early mornings have tons of benefits, but here are our top five:


  1. If you eat a healthy breakfast, you're more likely to stay healthy
  2. Starting your day with exercise is a good idea
  3. Your morning time is your time
  4. Reducing your stress and increasing productivity
  5. Sleep early, rise early


The problem is that it is often easier said than done to get up early. That's why we're providing a few tips to help you wake up early so that you can stick to it:


Don't be afraid to start small.


  • Placing your alarm on the other side of the room will help you wake up
  • CBD can be used to help with sleep
  • Get up early for a reason
  • As soon as possible, leave your bedroom
  • Consistency is key
  • Establish a morning routine


Getting up early has 5 benefits.


It would have been impossible to list all the benefits of waking up early. We've compiled five reasons that might motivate you to wake up early -- and all the ways CBD can benefit your morning routine.


  1. Breakfast Makes You Further Likely to Eat Healthily.


It is better to eat a hearty breakfast at the beginning of the day rather than rushing out the door and grabbing something unhealthy while you're running late. By eating the right foods, you can stay fuller for a longer period and avoid eating high sugar, high-calorie foods.


It doesn't mean your healthy breakfast has to be elaborate. Simple foods like fruits and yogurt, or overnight oats, can provide long-lasting energy to your body, especially if you're going to work out in the morning.


You should also take your vitamins and supplements at this time. Do not forget to incorporate CBD gummies into your morning ritual while you're at it. Additionally, our CBD gummies are the most enjoyable and tasty way to take CBD before a workout because they contain the same perks as our CBD tinctures.


  1. Exercising in the morning can be beneficial.


No matter how much caffeine you consume, if you have trouble staying awake in the mornings, an adrenaline boost from a good morning workout may be just what you need. Sometimes it is impossible to fit in a workout due to the busy schedule you keep.


Starting your day by exercising will prevent you from putting it off or skipping it altogether later on in the day. Plus, it is a great way to get your endorphins flowing in the morning. A morning workout means you don't have to worry about it later when you're exhausted after a hard day.


  1. Your morning time is your time.


It can be hard to find solitude early in the morning for those who share a house with their partner or family before the chaos of the day begins. You can read, devote time to your skincare regimen, or do whatever else makes you happy when you wake up early.


An added benefit of waking up early, especially when combined with Smilz CBD, is incorporating mindfulness into your morning routine. By putting a few drops of CBD oil tincture into your morning coffee or tea, you can easily integrate the two into your morning routine. Let distractions fade away for a few minutes while you focus on how the cup feels in your hand.


  1. Reducing your stress and increasing productivity.


Early morning wake-up can have various benefits, including increased productivity and lowered stress levels throughout the day. Getting to work early will help you be more productive because there will be fewer distractions, and leaving work on time will allow you to avoid rush hour. Additionally, by the time you arrive at work, your brain has already kicked into gear and is more focused and energized, so you can concentrate better.


Even if you're still in school and do not work yet, you can also take advantage of the benefits. An earlier start to the day may also lead to improved grades, according to a 2008 study. Students who get up early are more likely to be on time for their morning classes, study, and have time to go to bed rather than drink late at night.


CBD oil tinctures are perfect for helping you focus on studying in the evenings. CBD helps you concentrate on the knowledge you need by helping to calm your mind and promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. 


  1. The earlier you go to bed, the earlier you get up.


Wake up early has many benefits related to your circadian rhythm and the quality of your sleep. Consistent sleep schedules can contribute to improved immunity, mood, brain function, and blood pressure. It's more likely to reach all four stages of the sleep cycle if you sleep and wake up at the same time on a consistent schedule, even on the weekends.


Getting up early increases your chances of going to bed earlier, which reduces the chances of insomnia. As we age, we naturally wake up earlier due to hormonal shifts and stressors.


Northwestern University research indicates that night owl are more likely to gain weight than normal or early sleepers. A night owl typically consumes 248 calories more a day, eats twice as much fast food, consumes half as many fruits and veggies, and consumes more sugary and full-calorie beverages on average than any other person.


Get Up Early: How to Do It.


In the beginning, you might wonder if you can avoid falling back into your old sleep patterns when you decide to wake up early every day and how long it will take to adjust. New habits are hard to form, especially when they take you out of your cozy bed. Getting up early doesn't have to require too much effort if done properly.


Begin small.


You should start small when promising yourself to wake up earlier. By adjusting your sleep and wake-up schedules by just 10 or 15 minutes every day or every other day, you drastically increase your success rate. You'll wake up much more easily if you just rise a few minutes earlier than you did the previous day.


You end up hitting the snooze button over and over again, which eventually leaves you running behind schedule. Rather than setting unrealistic expectations, set realistic ones, so you're rewarded whenever you reach them.


Put your alarm across the room.


To break up with your snooze button, you need to do this. The first few times will probably be difficult, and you may even get mad at yourself, but it will pay off. If you place your alarm clock or phone across the room from your bed, you are least likely to fall back asleep once you turn them off.


Sometimes getting up in the morning is the hardest part because it involves convincing yourself to leave the warm, cozy bed. If stopping the blaring noise across the room is what it takes, then you'll do it.


CBD helps with sleep transitions.


We've mentioned a couple of times in the previous paragraphs how CBD can benefit your early morning routine and get you going for the day, but it can also help you relax at night as you adjust to a new sleep schedule. Smilz oil can help you sleep better at night by promoting a good night's sleep and helping you fall asleep more quickly.


It can sometimes be hard to go to bed early, especially if you are a night owl. To aid your body and mind in shutting down for the night, you can include CBD in your nightly herbal tea.


Be consistent and wake up early.


Motivating yourself to get out of bed will be much easier if you give yourself a good reason to wake up early in the morning. Try to leave the bedroom as soon as possible, and spend this unused time doing something you love. Motivation can come in the form of exercising, meditating, reading a few chapters of a book, or leaving work early, so you have time to do whatever you want. No matter what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning, make sure it's a positive force.


Consistently follow your plan. A consistent early morning routine is the key to success. Your circadian rhythm will stay on track if you maintain a consistent sleeping and waking schedule. This approach is perfectly fine as long as you follow the same routine daily, even (and especially) on weekends.


Establish a morning routine.


Initially, waking up early may seem like you have all the time in the world before getting ready for work or fulfilling your other responsibilities. But you want to be careful not to lose that time before you're running behind your old schedule.


Thus, you should not allow yourself to lose track of time by getting lost in a book, striking up a conversation at the gym until time breaks, or running extra errands "because you have the time.". You might end up spending all the time you still have before you know it.


That's why a morning routine is important. Planning will help you know what you need to accomplish, what you can enjoy doing during your free time, and what you need to do for the morning.


I mentioned a couple of times above that waking up early is easier said than done. When it comes time to get out of bed in the early morning, no matter how many benefits waking up early and CBD has to offer, remember why you're getting up in the morning. Follow the tips we've discussed, and you'll be ready to jump out of bed.


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