CBD has established a great reputation in a short period of time. It has been embraced in numerous pet-owning households because of the ways it can help dogs naturally, with advantages spanning from inflammation healing, to digestion and cognitive help. CBD is also commonly prescribed to treat stress in dogs — and if you have a nervous dog, you understand how that can affect other people in your household. Smilz CBD supports healthy lifestyles and allows it to influence your dog's life. It can also treat some ailments naturally, and with few adverse reactions.

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What exactly is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of the most common cannabinoid ingredients discovered in hemp. CBD has gained popularity as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments. CBD generated from hemp usually carries minimal levels of THC. However, CBD extracted from weed can include extra THC.

THC is the psychotropic compound of plants and is responsible for causing mind-altering effects. CBD, on the other hand, has no intoxicating properties. It does not affect mental conditions after consumption. But, it has the potential to cause many beneficial effects in the system, and is exhibiting several promising medicinal results.

Many studies have shown how CBD oil helps in treating many physical and mental issues like inflammation, pain, and insomnia. CBD and other cannabinoids are also considered a potential aid in treating anxiety and stress. CBD acts upon the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, and affects our mood and many other physiological functions. It helps in maintaining the homeostasis level and makes our body healthy enough to fight the ailments.

Anxiety and your pet dog:

Dogs, like people, suffer from stress and anxiety. It is natural , although it is a little uncomfortable to both humans and pets. Dog anxiety affects all breeds, yet it differs from one puppy to the next. However, all dogs feel anxiety from time to time. Normally, your dog might get scared of loud noises or an unknown environment. However, if the excessive symptoms of stress are not addressed, a dog might suffer a general anxiety condition. Dog anxiety, if handled incorrectly can develop into behavioral, and many other mental problems. Smilz CBD oil might be a good option as an aid in these symptoms. You can put a few drops of CBD oil in your dog’s meal daily to help them calm down. The relaxing effects of CBD can help make your dog feel less scared or anxious.

Dog anxiety can be caused by a wide range of factors, according to the Merck Veterinary Guide. The following are among the most frequent reasons for dog anxiety:


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Whenever your pet sees you leaving, does it get worried? Do you have to take your dog everywhere with you because they get anxious when you are not in their sight? These are the signs your dog might have separation anxiety. Separation anxiety occurs when an animal, who is overly devoted to its owner, becomes extremely worried when left home unattended. It is not just a minor whimpering or minor trouble when you are away. It is a dangerous issue that is one of the leading causes of dog parents being upset and giving up their pets. However, there are several actions you may take to assist.

To treat separation anxiety, try adding CBD isolate products to your dog’s diet. Start from a very low dosage and raise the level when they get used to it. You can also add a CBD oil designed for humans in their daily meals.


Fear of loud noises:

Many dogs are terrified of powerful sounds. The majority of dogs are unconcerned by these, but others who are can be challenging to manage. An excessive sound phobia is distressing for your dog, and can restrict the tasks you can perform with him. Try to make him relax through some physical activities, or provide him a silent and calm environment or ear muffs especially designed for dogs. However, these techniques are only to stop them from coming in contact with loud noises. These methods might not calm your dog down mentally. To treat this issue at its core, you might require an herbal aid in the form of CBD. Try amazing homemade recipes specially formulated for pet dogs at home. Also, contact your veterinarian before administering any medication. It might be the safest approach.

Signs of anxiety:

The following are some of the most frequent indications of anxiousness in dogs:


  • Whenever their owner is not around, the dog barks or howls loudly.
  • Sweating and trembling.
  • Convulsing.
  • Retreating or hiding in a nook
  • Not consuming any food


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CBD for dogs:

The effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on people are well-documented. However, when it comes to dogs, more scientific evidence is still needed. Many studies have already been conducted on how CBD may be able to aid the dog in treatment, but, the data of these studies are not enough. 

A scientific investigation on the benefits of hemp-based CBD on dogs with arthritis was reported in July 2018. In the trial, pets were given one of two medications after 12 hours. Each intervention extended 4 weeks.

There were no severe negative reactions for any of the canines. In 80 percent of the dogs who received Cannabidiol, there was a considerable reduction in discomfort and an improvement in energy. According to the findings, giving canines 2mg per kilogram of hemp twice a day could benefit them with joint pain.

CBD is also utilized for anti-anxiety impacts, mood-changing benefits, and stress relieving characteristics, according to Dr. Klein, however, there is no definitive proof of this usage. It is still unclear how CBD calms anxiety in dogs, and creates a calming and relaxing internal environment. However, many researchers believe that the endocannabinoid receptors in dogs are the same as ECS receptors found in the human body. The cannabinoids might affect the receptors in animals the same way it does in humans.


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Do the research:

Before introducing CBD oil to your dog, there are a few things to check. Make sure that the CBD oil you are planning to buy is of high quality. Check the brand’s reputation and custome’s reviews before making any decisions. Low-quality CBD oil might not be able to treat the symptoms of anxiety. Instead, it might increase the chances of future mental issues.

Be aware of giving any THC products to your dog. THC is a psychoactive compound, and is only present with a 0.3% ratio in CBD products. However, researchers still advise avoiding any THC ingestion for dogs. Always look out for CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD when treating dogs.

Check the certificate of analysis provided by the company. These certificates include the ingredients and the level of THC in the product.

“Can my dog overdose on CBD?”

It is a popular concern, and the simple explanation is no. Particularly if you stick to the suggested dosage amount and use the appropriate quality item. While CBD may cause certain dogs drowsy at the beginning, your dog cannot "overdose" on CBD. Also, if you use pure CBD products, it is impossible for your dog to feel high as it has no THC in it.


Please approach us for more information on how CBD oil can be used to help your pets. On our official website, you may also look at a selection of CBD products.