The cannabinoids discovered from the hemp plant have been creating a significant change in the world of health for decades now. CBD is a valuable weapon that helps aid you in the fight against many physical and mental ailments, but sometimes the quality of the product can create a misunderstanding between the product and its consumer. Smilz has taken a step ahead to eliminate this misunderstanding of CBD by introducing excellent quality, and organic products. The quality and purity of our products are significantly superior over many other low and inferior quality products that claim to have amazing benefits and gains. 

Learn how to choose the highest-quality CBD product to make sure you only buy from a trusted source. 

Where Can You Buy CBD?

After the legalization of CBD products in 2018, it became much more easily available and convenient to find. Today you can buy CBD products online and in many stores.. The downside of this easy access is the influx of poor quality products as well. The best way to avoid purchasing low quality products is by educating yourself on CBD products, their compounds, benefits, and dosages. Many suppliers or retailers do not provide the detailed information necessary before making any purchase, but Smilz CBD gives a long list of facts and data to raise awareness regarding the quality and clarity of CBD products. After understanding CBD from top to bottom, you can easily recognize the excellency of our high-end products and make your purchase at Smilz without any hint of doubt. 

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The Ultimate Shopping CBD Guide:

With the increase in the consumption and production of CBD oil, it has become more and more difficult to find organic and inexpensive CBD products to satisfy your needs with little to no drawbacks. This ultimate guide by Smilz will help in your hunt for fine and superior CBD products. Let's Get Started.

Where Was It Grown?

The growing and extraction of the hemp plant determine the eminence and quality of CBD products. First, the foundation of the hemp plant; the soil, must be tested at every stage of growing the hemp plant. At the time of the extraction, it must be extracted by reliable experts. The CBD is then produced by mixing it with many beneficial oils like olive oil, coconut oil or lavender oil, etc. 

Smilz grows its hemp plants in America and extracts the CBD with the help of experts and professionals. Smilz controls the manufacturing procedure from the initial stage to the final stage. All Smilz products are rigorously tested by independent, third-party labs which makes us more reliable and trustworthy. 

Has The Product Been Tested?

The potency testing of the CBD products is important as it helps in proving that the levels of cannabinoids in the CBD product are the same as mentioned on the label. It also ensures the low level of contaminants required for legal sale. Products manufactured at Smilz are third-party tested which means we send our manufactured goods to an independent corporation that guarantees the purity and productivity of our products.

Not all CBD products are secure and safe enough to consume, but one way to separate the safe CBD products from harmful and fake ones is by looking at the COA. Smilz offers the COA in its lab reports for each product to save you from buying misleading and low-quality products. 


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Hemp Extract vs. Hemp Seed Extract:

Hemp oil and hemp seed oil are different from each other in many aspects. Hemp oil is extracted from the full hemp plant, including leaves and flowers. While hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant through pressurization. Both are beneficial components of the hemp plant, but hemp seed oil does not contain the THC cannabinoids, which means they fail to provide the benefits expected from CBD oil. Many deceptive companies in the market are selling their hemp seed oil products as CBD products. Unlike these companies, Smilz provides its full-spectrum CBD products without any deception or false statement. Learn how to differentiate hemp seed oil from hemp oil to make sure you are investing your money in the right direction. 


Type Of CBD:

There are three types of CBD products that also create confusion in purchase. Each of these types has its way of helping accelerate your natural healing course. The types of CBD are CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD. Let us learn the benefits and differences between them.  

CBD Isolate: Is the purest form of CBD, which is most suitable for beginners who wish to try its potential health benefits. It doesn’t have any taste or smell and has also been proven to be less effective than other types of CBD, however it can help provide aid against pain and inflammation. It is also highly beneficial for people who prefer to take a high dosage. As the CBD isolate is pure and has no other cannabinoids found in its properties, it has high chances of negative drug tests. Although we can not guarantee these claims.

Full-Spectrum CBD: Smilz gives you a powerful way to create change in your life through its Full-spectrum CBD products. The full spectrum CBD contains 0.03% of THC in its compounds. The THC present in the CBD binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of ECS, which aids in maintaining our homeostasis level. In the full spectrum range, CBD pairs up with many other naturally occurring compounds. Together they create the entourage effect, which makes it even more effective in assisting in your needs. 

Broad-spectrum CBD: Broad-spectrum CBD products by Smilz put forward THC-free CBD oil products. It is better than the CBD isolate because, in this form, all elements work mutually to help benefit your mind and body.   

Which CBD Oil Should You Choose?

If you are new to CBD and have no issue regarding the period of its effects, you are advised to consume the lower potency products. You may increase the potency after some time to achieve the wanted results. You are recommended to be consistent with your dosage as it has a large effect on the results. When all is said and done, it is up to the consumer to research which CBD products best suits their needs. We always recommend starting with lower dosages, and increasing as may be needed by the consumer. 

Always feel free to contact us, and ask us any questions regarding any of our Smilz CBD products.