CBD oil has been used by humans to alleviate a wide variety of ailments like pain, anxiety, and inflammation. And just as the saying goes, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. The situation is not any different when it comes to alleviating some of the distress our pets may be going through. 


Is CBD Legal? 

According to the National Library of Journals, CBD products are available in the United States and they range from food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved products called Epidiolex to products manufactured and sold to marijuana dispensaries and also over the internet (Clin Pharmacol). It is only CBD extracted from the hemp plant that is considered legal in the United States. When you look at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), cannabinoids that are banned include synthetic cannabinoids (Spice; K2; JWH-018; JWH-073), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and marijuana. These are the substances that can get you high but CBD can be considered to be Cannabidiol which has no “high” effect because it contains no THC. 

The next logical question to ask is whether CBD is safe for your cats. Though it can be considered to be new in the market, there have been no claims of damaging effects on your cat. 


How does CBD work?

Cats have endocannabinoid systems just like we humans. CBD taps into the motor system of the cat which is located both in the brain and the spinal cord of the cat. Once inside the cat’s digestive system, it can affect the mood, sleep, immunity, and even the nerve system which perceives how the cat feels pain. 


The recommended dosage for Cats:

The dosage for every cat will differ with regards to the reason why you are giving it CBD. The dose for a cat that is in pain may differ from the cat that is just anxious or skittish. It is recommended you consult your veterinary doctor when you are trying to alleviate a cat’s pain. The dosage would also slightly vary with the method of administration. 

If you are just giving CBD to your cat as a supplement, the general recommendation is between 0.1-0.5 mg per kilogram.


Modes of administration:

The best way to administer CBD is through oral ingestion. That means it can be either taken as in solid or liquid form. 


Liquid form:

CBD can be taken in liquid form either as an oil or emulsion or spray. You can find a syringe or a dropper to administer to help you push down the oil through your cat’s throat. This can be a daunting task because the cat may be unsettled. One of the tricks you can use is by covering up the cat in a warm towel or blanket and subsequently trying to push the fluid through the side of the cat’s mouth. They usually have sharp canine teeth so going through the front of their mouth can leave you with a bite mark on your fingers.

There is also another brilliant way of getting the cat to take CBD. On its own, the taste may leave little to be desired, but you can play along with the cat’s physiological behaviors. The cat is an extremely clean animal and you can often see it licking itself in an attempt to neatly groom itself. You can put drops of CBD oil on either palm and it will instinctively clean it up by licking it.

You can also try to cook the cat’s food using a little bit of oil. The good thing about this method is the ability to mask the smell of oil if it does not play along with your cat’s palette. Try incorporating it into foods with a strong or pungent aroma like tuna low sodium chicken broth or better yet, try tuna juice. You can try to have a look at our full-spectrum CBD oil which comes in a 1000mg pack and the good news is that it is on sale right now at a discounted price.    


Solid form:

When it comes to solid food, it becomes challenging when trying to force food down anyone’s throat. That is why you have to use clever ploys to hide it in your cat’s food. CBD can come in the form of treats that have been incorporated with CBD. You are spoiled for choice because there is an extensive catalog to choose from. They include clear worm gummies, broad-spectrum gummies, sour bears, and even neon cubes. 

CBD can also come in the form of capsules. You may try to look at full-spectrum CBD soft gels. However, it is important to note that both edibles and capsules may take a while before they can kick in your cat's endocannabinoid system. But this does not mean in any way that they are less effective.

A simple and proven way of also giving your cat CBD may be trying to use reinforcement and rewards to train your pet to take supplements or medicine. According to a medical journal posted on the VCA hospital website, you can use positive reinforcement to train your cat into behaving in a particular way (Debra Horwitz). In the article, it is suggested that the first step is to be capable of making the cat perform the desired behavior readily. The next step is to incorporate a command or a cue before the desired behavior. The reason for this is to be able to initiate the desired behavior by the command or cue alone. The last step is to reward your cat to reinforce the positive behavior.

It can be a very long journey to get it right but there is no limit we would not go for our pets. They are the ones that take care of us when we are feeling low and it is only fair we reciprocate the favor. Make sure you do your research first before buying any CBD products to ensure that you are only giving the best quality of CBD to your cat.



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