Sleep provides a pathway to good health, strength, and mental alertness; and yet, some of us still neglect its importance. It’s well-known that sleep maintains our overall physical, mental, and emotional health. 

With the increase in our busy work schedules, a proper sleep routine is fading away. Many studies have already declared sleeping as one of the best ways to help improve your quality of life. It can also help provide many physical benefits like a stronger immune system and help lower inflammation. 

Despite knowing the importance of sleep to our overall well-being, many sleep abnormalities hinder our ability to get a good night’s sleep. For example, insomnia, hypersomnia, or sleep apnea can greatly affect one’s sleep; often times making for a restless night. 


CBD may help relax into a better night's sleep
Lack of sleep affects your health.

Lack of sleep causes many health issues, according to studies found in The Extraordinary Importance of Sleep by Susan L. Worley.

In such cases, Cannabidiol (CBD) may help your mind and body ease into a relaxed state in order to help promote sleep. It may also assist people who suffer from hypersomnia by helping promote their desired energy and liveliness.

Why is sleep important? Think about these simple realities.

Besides providing the escape and retreat from reality, sleeping offers you many mental and physical gains such as:

  • It improves efficiency and concentration

  • It might lower the chances of weight gain.

  • It increases athletic performance.

  • It promotes lower heart disease risk.

  • It makes the immune system stronger.

  • It helps in preventing depression

  • It helps in fighting anxiety and fear.

  • It makes you more socially and emotionally active. 

How might CBD help promote better sleep?

Among many other benefits, CBD offers an avenue to relaxation. The finest hemp extracts may help facilitate healthy sleep cycles. 

A good night's sleep leads to better overall health. Experts advise adults to sleep more than seven hours a day. A healthy and sound sleep at night helps ensure the energy and productivity of the next day.  

Although, there is very little research on the effect of CBD on sleep. Some people who have consumed CBD oils to help pain or inflammation have also experienced an increase in the quality of their sleep. However, research on the subject remains unclear.

The Sleep Foundation explores how CBD is becoming a popular method for getting a better night’s sleep. Some people seem to be experiencing the positive outcomes of CBD and sleep disorders. However, these studies are yet to be proved 100% accurate.

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