Many experts have shown their concern about the influence of stress and anxiety on the quality of life we lead. For instance, according to one expert named Sanders: the biggest misunderstanding towards anxiety and stress is that we have to defeat it. He says “While stress arises from unregulated negative emotions, intentionally activating positive heart emotions such as care, appreciation, compassion, and ease, decreases your stress by creating physiological harmony,” says Sanders. “Positive thinking isn’t enough here; it must be positive feelings from the heart to affect your body and brain.”

However, anxiety and stress are both in direct conflict with your positive feelings. And even though we all face anxiety at one point in our life, it becomes a serious issue when it starts increasing negative emotions and affecting our daily, professional or personal life. 

Taking care of your mind and thoughts is necessary to lead a balanced life. Any negative thoughts can influence our life, work, and relationships. Today we are going to discuss the top 5 ways you can ease mild anxiety and stress.

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What Causes Anxiety? 

Anxiety is the feeling of fear and worry that arises from many external or internal factors. Its symptoms can include increased heart rate, sweat, shaking, or tension. We all experience anxiety differently. Some experience it in their daily routine, and some feel anxious while facing a social gathering. In the same way, the reason behind our anxiety also varies from each other. The following factors are clinically proven to increase the risk of anxiety disorder; poor quality sleep, stress or trauma, drug abuse, or any other mental disorder. 

Stress Signals: 

Our body always alerts us when we are experiencing stress due to anxiety. It is necessary to recognize the stress signals that might help in reducing the symptoms or effects of anxiety on life. The stress signal can include physical symptoms, behavioral symptoms, or cognitive symptoms. These stress signals are sent to our body through the enteric nervous system that consists of more than a hundred million neurons.

5 ways to reduce anxiety and stress symptoms: 

1. A healthy diet plan: What goes inside your body shows the effects on the outside. Many researchers have shown the relationship of anxiety with our diet. An unhealthy diet might lead to an unhealthy mindset. Therefore, it is necessary to eat healthier. Try adding probiotic foods to your diet. Fermented foods such as yogurt and cheese can promote gut health. It eventually reduces the risk of bowel cancer and constipation. Eating antioxidants such as strawberries, blueberries, and cherries can help in reducing stress symptoms. Avoid the intake of sugar and carbohydrates as much as possible. Gluten products not only increase anxiety symptoms, but also lead to many physical issues. Also, try adding CBD edibles to your daily routine. Smilz CBD edibles such as gummies, are rich in flavor and provide aid against anxiety symptoms.


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2. Add CBD to your diet: CBD and THC are the cannabinoids found in hemp plants. These cannabinoids are very healthful for your mind and body. It binds with the receptors of our Endocannabinoid system and helps in regulating homeostasis. Homeostasis refers to the internal physiological balance, which contains mood, memory, immune system, blood pressure, and temperature. CBD oils provide harmony in these internal conditions, and thus helps in maintaining body balance. 

Smilz CBD products are made with two main phytocannabinoids- CBD and THC. CBD helps in providing a state of calmness and relief. On the other hand, THC is the psychoactive compound that binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of our endocannabinoid system. 

As we know that one of the factors homeostasis regulates is our mood, it also triggers anxiety. Thus, CBD oil might have indirect effects on anxiety symptoms by affecting mood. The following are the varieties that might ease your anxiety and stress.


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CBD Oil Tinctures

Through CBD oil tinctures, the cannabinoids enter our bloodstream directly. This property of these tinctures makes them more efficient and quick to act. 

CBD capsules:

These are the easiest, and probably the oldest way, to consume CBD. By taking a CBD capsule 20 minutes before or after food consumption, you can possibly help decrease the symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

CBD coffee:

CBD coffee is made with pure CBD with no hint of THC in it. This coffee can help you relax and calm down. A cup of CBD coffee in the morning can help to achieve the healthy and desired lifestyle we are all after.

CBD gummies:

The most fun way to consume your CBD is through CBD gummies. Although gummies might take a longer period to show its effects, they can still help in eliminating the anxiety stressors. It is likely the best choice for people who have never experienced the consumption of CBD. 


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3.   Meditation: Meditation is known as the technique of focused concentration. Through meditation, we focus on our mind and body signals. These signals can be positive or negative. Mindfulness practice can help us stabilize our thoughts and emotions, and thus help in reducing anxiety. The benefits of meditation include increased focus, memory, and creativity. It also helps in reducing stress, depression, and pain. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction suggests 40-45 minutes of meditation daily and recommends 20 minutes of meditation, twice a day. 

  Sleeping Properly: Many kinds of research have supported the theory that lack of, or excessive sleep, can be the reason behind stress and anxiety. Sleep helps us restore the energy of our body and prepares us for the day to come. A night of poor sleep can lead to many stressful and unbalanced thoughts. Excessive sleep may also trigger anxiety. Hypersomnia can make us lethargic and inactive. A cup of CBD coffee might help you manage slow and lethargic feelings.

5.   Think positive: The main reason behind almost every mental imbalance is our destructive and negative thoughts. By overthinking any negative event of life, we worsen the actual effects of that event. Try to become more optimistic when facing anxiety, as it helps to reduce the symptoms and make ways for all possible solutions. 

Also, try to become more communicative with people around you. Your positive relationships with others also affect your mental health. Try expressing your inner thoughts more often so that your friends and family can also help you against anxiety and its troubling symptoms. 

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