There is a lot of empirical data from individuals who have bipolar disorder that suggests that hemp can help with their conditions. Researchers, on the other hand, are hesitant. With the lack of clinical research on CBD and bipolar disorders, researchers suggest being cautious of taking any step without clinicians’ advice. Experts also advise that if you insist on trying to treat your ailment with CBD oil, go for the best CBD oil product, with high-quality ingredients. Smilz CBD is a renowned CBD company, and a widely recognized label across the CBD business. Numerous consumers have reported feeling relief from distress, worry, and other mood disorders after using Smilz CBD's full-spectrum CBD products daily.

In this article, we will explore how CBD oil may aid in bipolar disorder.

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What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a psychological condition characterized by intense mood swings. Euphoria, or a highly aroused emotion, is one of the indications. They may also involve depressive outbursts. Individuals with bipolar disorder may struggle to manage daily duties at college or at work as well as establish interactions with other people. Although there is no remedy, there are several therapeutic choices that can aid control the signs.

Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder:

The basic features, of bipolar disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health are consecutive periods of elevated and depressed emotion. Individual’s sleep cycles, concentration, and other characteristics can have a considerable effect on their behavior.

Manic Episode:

A manic episode is defined as a time of excessively high or restless emotion, increased activity, racing thoughts, and other severe and amplified behaviors that last for several days or weeks. Psychosis is characterized by schizophrenia which suggests a disconnection from realities. Manic episodes may be sprinkled with intervals of distress throughout that you may encounter tiredness, sorrow, and helplessness. Hallucinations can last for a whole week longer. Bipolar disease is the most frequent source of euphoric occurrences. There are many other reasons for these drastic shifts in behavior and emotion.


Hypomania is a sign of bipolar disorder, especially type II, and is characterized by an unusually heightened level of consciousness that affects your emotions, cognition, and behavior. A hypomanic experience is characterized by exceptional euphoria, quirkiness, or irritation. It also includes symptoms such as insomnia, excessive impulsivity, heightened inattention, decreased desire for rest, and strong attention to a particular task.


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Major Depressive Disorder:

MDD, often known as clinical depression, is a serious psychiatric illness that can have a wide range of consequences. It affects attitude and behavior, as well as physiological systems including eating and sleeping. In the U.S, Major Depressive Disorder is among the most prevalent psychological illnesses According to statistics, and over 7% of individuals in the United States suffered a severe depressive disorder in 2017.

Causes Of Bipolar Disorder:

Bipolar disorder is a prevalent psychological condition, yet clinicians and academics are puzzled by it. It is still unclear why certain individuals get the disease and some do not. 

Your cerebral anatomy may influence the ailment chances. Your vulnerability may be increased if you have irregularities in the structural system or functioning of your brain. You are also more prone than other individuals to get manic depression if your family member has it. It is not internal factors that can increase your chances of developing bipolar illness. External circumstances may also have a role. These elements may include; physiological disease, experience, or stress.


How Does CBD Help In Bipolar Disorder?

CBD studies for bipolar disorder are still underway. Various psychological health issues such as phobias, stress, and paranoia have been examined in clinical studies with promising outcomes. Patients with bipolar disorder who used hemp did not have considerable intellectual disability as contrasted to bipolar patients who did not use CBD, according to preliminary research reported in 2016. Individuals with bipolar disorder felt improved emotions upon consuming hemp.

In a 40-person double-blind, randomized research study, the effects of CBD on psychosis were studied. CBD oil and antidepressant medication was administered to the subjects. Both interventions were shown to be similarly efficient in reducing psychosis, according to the investigators. CBD, on the other hand, had considerably fewer negative consequences than antidepressants.


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CBD As A Mood Enhancer:

CBD is known for its potential to alleviate tension. CBD oil has been shown to have anti-anxiety actions in several types of research. CBD is used to help treat psychological illnesses, such as anxiety attacks, social phobia, clinical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), autism, and others.

CBD Enhances Stress Reaction:

The majority of depressive episodes are caused by stress and anxiety, and CBD oil seems to be one of the most efficient organic stress reducers. If adequate anxiety treatment is overlooked, anxious persons will only increase the chances of manic depression.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for controlling anxiety symptoms between several other biological activities, and can be supported by using CBD oil regularly for bipolar disorder.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of CBD Oil for Bipolar Disorders


· According to the findings cited earlier, CBD has potential therapeutic and disease-reducing qualities, which could help with bipolar illness conditions.

· When utilized as a treatment for psychiatric disorders, CBD is harmless and has a less adverse effect history.

· CBD may be effective in acute mania and mood disorders in select people because phytocannabinoids like CBD can help regulate the neurons in the ECS.


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· CBD has the potential for adverse effects such as diarrhea, sleepiness, nausea, and decreased hunger. Because the evidence is found on personal narratives, there is no strong proof that CBD is an effective medication for bipolar disorders.

How To Take CBD For Bipolar Disorder:

There are the following ways you can consume CBD products to address your bipolar symptoms:

CBD Oil Tinctures: 

These oil tinctures are full-spectrum and provide the entourage effect of both CBD and THC. If your bipolar symptoms are severe, you can put one or two drops of smile CBD oil tincture under your tongue twice a day. This method works quickly and can help provide the most efficient results.

CBD capsules:

You do not have to worry about the dosage measurement when consuming CBD capsules. Take one CBD Infused pill in the morning, or at night before bed. Consult your doctor before taking CBD, as they might be able to advise on your dosage.

CBD gummies:

The Smilz CBD gummies are low potency and have no THC in them. They are broad-spectrum CBD gummies that provide you the same entourage effect except for psychotropic THC. CBD isolate gummies are the best option for people who want to consume pure CBD.

CBD coffee:

Drink one cup of Smilz CBD coffee in the morning or the evening. Many individuals feel the benefits of coffee after approximately 10 minutes, and your body will start to feel the effects of CBD with caffeine within a few hours of drinking it.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

There is no good-for-all intake amount. Every person experiences CBD oil differently. The dose that is proven to be suitable for one person might cause negative effects on another individual. Expert advice is to start with a low dosage. Begin with the minimum dosage and try to consume it with the meal to decrease the potency. After noticing the reaction of your body toward the CBD product, gradually increase the amount of intake.


There is no proof that CBD can be utilized to ease the disease of bipolar illness due to a shortage of studies on the subject.

If you want to take CBD to help with the indications of manic depression, you should first consult your physician. It's not a good idea to switch your existing drug to CBD, or mix CBD with your prescription before consulting your healthcare professional first.

For more information about CBD and its implications on bipolar disorder or any other psychological ailment, please contact us.