It is not news that human beings have been using CBD for centuries for its many well-known benefits. Its rewards are undeniable, yet many people still question its beneficial properties and outcomes. They still hesitate to fit it into their lifestyle for numerous reasons. Smilz was curious to find out why some people still doubted the benefits of CBD; so we created a survey. We surveyed using simple, dichotomous questions with only two possible responses- yes or no. We asked the questions based on the assumed reasons that would have played a role in making them think CBD oil was “bad.”

Demographics Of The Survey:

This survey was conducted on a sample of 120 people. The age range was 25-60 years, in which 50% were male and 50% were female. 

Results of the survey concluded that 59% of the people are still hesitant to try CBD, and the following were the reasons that made them hang back:


Do you think CBD is legal?

52% said Yes.

48% said No.

It is not a surprise that the legal status of hemp extract is still a question. Although all hemp products were approved by the Federal Government and The Drug Enforcement Agency, many people are still unaware of this fact. They still thought that CBD was illegal and they would be committing a crime if they consumed it. After the survey, Smilz realized the necessity to help guide consumers so that they can benefit from this lawful, helpful plant. 


Do you think CBD products will make you high?

62% said Yes.

38% said No. 

One of the things that give rise to the fallacy about hemp is its relation to marijuana. In the survey, 62% believed that CBD products give mind-altering effects, and only 38% knew the reality. Upon asking, they said they believed it was mind-altering because it is extracted from the hemp plant. According to them, hemp and marijuana were the same things. To get rid of this misconception, it is necessary to clear this confusion. Despite being a cousin plant of marijuana, hemp is entirely different in its compounds. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, which is free of any psychoactive property. This psychoactive-free CBD is used to manufacture most of the CBD oil. To make the CBD oil more effective, less than 0.3% of THC is mixed in it. Of course, THC is the psychoactive part of the plant, but with only 0.3%, it usually does not cause a high. For people who would still love to avoid any touch of THC, Smilz offers the CBD isolate; a pure form of CBD oil and consists of no THC. 


Do you think it is bitter or tasteless?

34% said Yes.

66% said No.

Just like other medicines, many people thought CBD oil would also be tasteless or bitter. Only 34% of the people were still unaware of the delightful flavors and forms of CBD. Smilz CBD gummies are available in many different flavors. If you also think that CBD contains no taste, then try one of these flavors. It might play a role in getting rid of your misconception. We have also put forward an advanced option: Smilz CBD coffee; a powerful combination to get your day started with pronounced benefits and a delicious taste.


Do you think CBD would be a waste of money?

24% said Yes.

76% said No.

Investing in health is never a waste of money. Some participants ignored CBD because they thought it was expensive. Smilz cares for its customer's pockets along with their health. Products offered by Smilz are highly effective as well as inexpensive. 


Are you scared of its side effects?

62% said Yes.

38% said No.

The survey concluded that most people who avoided CBD products thought they might carry some harmful side effects. This fear of experiencing the negative side effect of CBD is valid, but it depends on the quality of the product you are using. Most people who have experienced CBD drawbacks have consumed CBD products from low-quality and no-name companies. To experience the beneficial effects of CBD on your health, it is necessary to buy only from a well-known company.

To avoid such an experience, always take a look at customer's reviews on the company’s site. These reviews play a huge role in telling the truth about the quality of the product. The COA and lab reports are also vital pieces of information when deciding which CBD brand to take.


Are you avoiding CBD because of its delayed active time?

29% said Yes.

71% said No.

All good things require time or patience, and so does CBD. It provides the desired effects on wellbeing, but it needs some time to show those changes and outcomes. Also, the method of delivery greatly affects how long it takes to kick into effect. If you prefer faster results, you can try Smilz CBD oil, otherwise, Smilz CBD capsules and CBD gummies are recommended. 


Is your decision affected by your peer’s experience? 

24% said Yes.

76% said No.

As we assumed, some people were afraid to try CBD products because of the experience someone else had. The first and foremost thing we need to clear is that we are all different in nature and have different bodies. The effects your friend or relative experienced is not necessarily what you will also experience. There could be many possibilities such as low-quality products, inconsistency, or an unsuitable dosage that caused a negative CBD effect. Smilz does not recommend relying on reviews alone, and recommends trying Smilz brand CBD for yourself. To avoid any drawbacks, you should start with lower potency products. 

Contact us directly if you have any other questions regarding any of our Smilz CBD products.