Some people use CBD products as a way to soothe minor aches and pains after strenuous workouts. CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a workout supplement, particularly in gummies and capsules that deliver slow-acting CBD.

However, there are additional things to consider, particularly if you have trouble recovering from strenuous exercise due to poor sleep.

A Guide for New Users of CBD Products.

Using CBD as a pre workout is a great time to use CBD, but you should know a few things going in. What is CBD, for instance, and what kinds of products are available for exercise enthusiasts?


  • In the U.S., hemp plant extracts constitute the majority of CBD products. Although marijuana plants also produce CBD, marijuana is illegal under U.S. federal law due to its "high" (intoxicating) concentration of THC.
  • Hemp, in contrast, recently became a federally legal crop because its THC content is so low. Consequently, federally legal hemp extracts will not affect one's mental or physical health.
  • CBD is often used as a catch-all term in the United States for many hemp extracts and formulas.
  • In general, full-spectrum extracts contain all cannabinoids, plant terpenes, and essential oils, with less than 0.3 percent THC.
  • An extraction that contains undetectable amounts of THC can be obtained via further refinement.
  • There are also CBD products that use isolated CBD. CBD-only items do not contain any other hemp compounds. Also, you might find brands that make products from different isolates.


There is a wide variety of extract types and delivery methods like oils, creams, capsules, and edibles. Various types of products provide different benefits and have different effective times. CBD is the fastest acting when inhaled, while it is the slowest acting when absorbed through the digestive system. The slow absorption time can be used to your advantage, however.

Starting Your CBD Pre-Workout Routine The Night Before Is Essential

Many people don't always consider whether or not they slept well before their workout sessions when using CBD.

To get the most from your workout, you need to get enough sleep. A sedentary lifestyle requires less sleep than one that involves physical activity.

During sleep, the body regulates itself in ways that aren't possible during the day. Non-REM sleep allows muscles to heal after exercise by increasing protein synthesis. Sleep deprivation reduces glycogen production, which serves as muscle fuel. Without it, you simply cannot perform at your best when exercising or competing.

A good night's sleep is the key to a successful workout.

You had a good sleep last night. What's next?

Here's where things get tricky.

Fitness enthusiasts have weighed in with diverse interpretations of the benefits, when, and how CBD should be used before workout sessions.

There is evidence that CBD may be an anti-inflammatory and inhibit stress hormone release. The two effects of CBD make it an ideal tool for athletes looking to optimize their workouts. Additionally, preliminary research indicates that CBD may have a sedative effect during workouts or athletic competition - an effect that many may not wish to experience.

However, users report differing outcomes, and most experts agree that further research is necessary. 

Here are a few points to keep in mind for CBD pre-workout.

Capsules, gummies, and other edible CBD products for pre-exercise nutrition can be a good start.

  • It takes one to two hours for these products to start working after they've been digested. There are two main approaches to how you might incorporate CBD into your pre-workout routine.
  • Take a serving right before you exercise as a supplement for post-workout recovery. This method allows the product to digest and begin moving through your system when it is most necessary. You also won't experience any sedative effects when taking CBD in this way.
  • You can take capsules or gummies approximately two hours before you start exercising if you wish to experience the effects of CBD before or during your workout. It is advantageous to use CBD before exercise as it gives the body time to absorb the product.


Tinctures of CBD before working out.

Tinctures containing CBD are more effective since they are absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) and bypass the digestive system. In addition to the versatility of CBD tinctures, many of them are flavored. Consequently, many fitness enthusiasts and athletes add CBD to drinks such as smoothies and shakes pre-workout. It is similar to taking CBD as gummies or capsules in this manner.

If you want to feel the effects of the product during exercise, CBD tinctures should only be taken sublingually. When taking CBD tinctures before a workout, it is best to take them at least 30 minutes ahead. Otherwise, taking them after exercise is more effective.

Before using CBD, consider these factors.

Always discuss your supplement regimen with your doctor before beginning it. When you have a health problem, take prescription medication, or take other supplements, you should get a doctor's advice. Many medical professionals worry about possible drug interactions with CBD.

A CBD manufacturer you can trust is also crucial to your success. Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are mandatory in CBD products, and many CBD brands claim to follow them. Many cannot demonstrate it.

Third-party lab tests certification that CBD products' contents match their labels are also necessary for CBD companies. A CBD product should not contain significantly more or less CBD than stated on the package or be tainted with contamination.

As a final step, it is up to you whether or not you want to include THC in your products.

Smilz offers products that are THC-free*, but some athletes prefer full-spectrum hemp extracts that contain only a small amount of the substance. For anyone who plays sports where it is prohibited to use THC, this issue is crucial.

Although it might seem overwhelming, don't worry. The CBD product bundles offered by Smilz can save you money and time!

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