Once you get on the supplement train, it is very common to explore your options and see what else is available to help you achieve your desired health goals. Many individuals take multiple vitamins daily. However, combining pills alongside additional supplements might be dangerous. Simply put, people obviously do not wish to combine two pills that could interact negatively or maybe negate each other out. But, combining CBD oil with other supplements can be done safely and effectively. Here is all you will have to learn to get started with Smilz CBD products, and various other supplements.

CBD In Conjunction With Additional Supplements:

CBD can possibly surpass its maximum capacity, and work synergistically to spread its effects if it is used in the appropriate combination with another supplement. Why limit yourself to just one vitamin when you may get the most out of them by combining them in the right way?

Choosing items that can coact in a manner that benefits you is the secret to a beneficial supplemental combo.

Whenever it concerns pairing CBD and additional nutrients, you can emphasize enhancing its perks while also compensating for its shortcomings. For example, CBD has not been demonstrated to increase bone composition or function. But, by pairing it with a supplementation like collagen proteins, you can aid in the healing mechanism while also reducing inflammation. Let us have a peek at several of the most potent CBD combos and pairs you should try.


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Collagen And CBD:

Collagen is a crucial aspect of our skin structure. It helps to improve the dermis and may also improve firmness and moisture. When people get older, their system generates few elastins, resulting in rough textures and blemishes. Collagen molecules or pills, on the other hand, were already demonstrated in multiple research to significantly reduce the aging of the face by minimizing lines as well as dullness.

CBD is a health-promoting chemical that can help with a variety of dermatological and pain-related issues. In medical testing, researchers revealed that merging these two powerful ingredients boosted skin conditions and provided anti-wrinkle benefits by improving moisture and rebuilding new fibers in the skin. According to research, CBD has been proven to minimize wrinkles. The combination of collagen and CBD oil is boosted to fight tissue loss and facial aging.


Hypericum - St Johns wort flowers, oil or infusion transparent bottle, mortar on wooden table.

St. Johns Wort:

St. John's Wort is a medicinal herb that has been utilized from old times. Reportedly, it had also been employed to heal a variety of illnesses, mainly nerve problems. Antibiotic, antifungal, and antimicrobial activities are also present in it. However, it is commonly utilized to address minor to medium depressive episodes rather than a major depressive disorder.

This plant has a complex personality. According to studies, it increases the accessibility of neurotransmitters in the nervous system, just like pharmaceuticals like SSRIs. Professionals, on the other hand, are not quite certain how it performs. Due to its high calming qualities, CBD is frequently used to help treat stress and sleeplessness. St. John's Wort, too, can make you sleepy. If you want to achieve deeper relaxation or improve your sleep pattern, combining the two at bedtime could be beneficial.


Glucosamine HCl

Glucosamine And Chondroitin:

Glucosamine sulfate is a substance that occurs organically in bone tissue as well as the liquid, which covers the bones. It is used by the system to make additional compounds needed in the formation of fibers, muscles, connective tissue, and the viscous fluid around joints. Experts believe that consuming glucosamine sulfate pills can assist in strengthening bone and the liquid around bones, or inhibit degradation of these components.

Chondroitin is an organic protein present in joint tissue that attracts and absorbs moisture to maintain bone hydration. Chondroitin supplementation can aid in joint stability. It may also improve the natural inflamed reaction. Since glucosamine and chondroitin can take days to exhibit results, CBD could aid them to show their immediate potential effect on the bones. This combination contains all of the finest elements for knee and hip treatment. These vitamins, together with CBD, can help your muscles be more energetic again in a shorter period.

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Curcumin And CBD:

Turmeric's key element, curcumin, has been discovered to possess anti-inflammatory qualities. Researchers noticed that this spice can aid in the treatment of chronic disorders in a 2017 study of curcumin's impact on wellness. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to minimize exercise-induced muscular pain and promote healing and efficiency.

CBD oil also has been shown to aid in inflammation and pain. The combo product aids in the creation of a combinatorial action, which implies that the combined benefit of both substances is commonly better than the influence of each supplement alone.

A mix of CBD and curcumin dosage can not only be highly effective, but can also make the treatment easier.



Ashwagandha is a hormone enhancer that can help boost semen quality and activity in males with fertility issues, and it can also help improve libido function in females. Ashwagandha extract is utilized to increase mental efficiency and concentration, decrease soreness and stiffness and alleviate fear and depression. The root ashwagandha is indigenous to India, but it is now grown in warm regions all over the globe, even in the United States.

The combined benefits of mixing CBD and the ashwagandha root may boost the medicinal power of each of these organic, soil products, making both extremely efficacious than when consumed separately.

Matcha powder in white bowl. Matcha is finely ground japanese green tea leaves, this superfood has many health benefits and is packed with antioxidants, which is why it is often used in detox diets


L-theanine is a protein compound that can be discovered in green and brown teas, and also fungus. It has been discovered to promote calm without causing fatigue. L-theanine is thought to boost neurotransmitter levels. It also calms the body by increasing a pulse action. In yoga and concentration techniques our minds generate brainwave patterns.

CBD has been shown to help people cope with strain and anxiety, but it has greater chances of causing drowsiness. Because L-theanine will not make you sleepy, mixing it with CBD can help give you a twofold supply of serenity without the lethargy.

Frankincense dhoop


For ages, Boswellia, an herb that generates the substance recognized as Indian incense, has been an essential component of Herbal remedy. It is renowned for its anti-inflammatory characteristics, as well as a host of other health benefits. Boswellia essence nurtures the health, soul, and heart with its powerful and captivating fragrance. When hemp extract is combined with this age-old organic treatment the outcome can calm and strengthen the brain.


CBD is a beneficial solution for your well-being. It has the potential to provide people with a variety of health gains. CBD, like several other substances, is enhanced by the addition of additional nutrients and vitamins. Picking what nutrients to pair it with relies on the conditions you are addressing.

Smilz provides a variety of CBD products that can be combined with additional supplements. Also, contact us at our website to know more about the beneficial qualities of our CBD products.