The history of microdosing dates back to when the Pharaohs used to rule. They used to swallow small amounts of snake venom to become immune to snake bites. At the time it was very common for a Pharaoh to be assassinated and one of the ingenious ways was using a snake to carry out their dirty deeds for them. They used to drink small amounts of poison over a long period to build up an immune to snake bites. 

That phenomenon has since been carried into the 21st century. In a recent post on the Guardian, rock singer Steve Ludwin is said to have been injecting himself with snake venom for over 30 years (Britt Collins). His reasons are quite similar to those of the Pharaohs. In the article, Steve Ludwin can be quoted as having said, “I have developed a superhuman immune system.” 

The concept remains the same when you talk about CBD microdosing. According to a medical journal (Richard J. Stevenson), it can be described as the administration or ingestion of small quantities of psychedelic substances into your system. This can either be by way of introducing the psychedelics directly to the digestive system, by smoking, or by injecting it directly into your bloodstream. The article further talks about psychedelics as those drugs with a hallucinogenic effect. The main aim is to boost your sensory perceptions, facilitate the spiritual experience, enhance your energy levels, and advance your thought process. 

CBD contains no THC which is the substance responsible for the hallucinogenic effect of marijuana. This can be a good thing because you end up getting all the best parts of the drug without getting high. However, some people have been reported to experience negative side effects when taking CBD. They include dry mouth, digestive changes, loss of appetite, dizziness, and drowsiness. The severity of these side effects can range from little to mild, rarely do they affect someone severely. 


Advantages of microdosing


When you take a huge dose in the morning, you might end up with negative side effects like feeling tired. This side effect might last for the better part of the day which means you will end up losing a whole day in bed, rather than being productive. Spacing out your dose in small amounts, spread out throughout the day may be what you need to perform at your optimum level. 

No side effects

One of the reasons that microdosing is a good idea is because you experience relatively few side effects. The small amounts of CBD will clear your system with no hassle at all. Just make sure you have a healthy diet and you are on your way to being the best version of yourself. 


You can schedule to take your dose just when you need it most. This can just be before that important meeting that you may be having after your lunch. This will give you the right boost that you need to get through your toughest day.  


Option of trying out other products

If you take it in small quantities, you are generally able to experiment with other CBD products in similar quantities without being worried about overdosing. You can also try it before going out with your friends for a night out. However, if you are taking alcohol just make sure you don’t overindulge yourself because you don’t become immune to the follies of excessive drinking of alcohol.


How to determine the right CBD microdose for you

The first step in trying to figure out the correct dose is to establish your daily dose. Once you have figured out how much you can take in a day then the next step is dividing that dose into manageable segments. 

If this is your first time using CBD, you first try 10% of CBD oil per day. Start with using 5mg per day and try to increase the dose daily by a milligram until you find the right optimum dosage for you. 

If you end up with 12mg per day, the next step would be to dive your day into segments. In our case let us divide our 12 hours a day into 2 hours segments. That will leave us with 6 segments per day. Your last mathematical equation would be to divide the 12 mg dose by the 6 segments. This would mean our ideal dose would be 2mg after every 2 hours. 


Different types of CBD products and how you can take them

CBD oils

This is the most common type of CBD product in the market. They come in different packages and with different quantities of potency. You can try out our full-spectrum CBD oil which comes in a 1000mg package. Depending on your dosage, this could last up to a month or more. You can administer it directly to your bloodstream by using a dropper and dropping the desired dose under your tongue. This the easiest way to get the easiest and fastest way to get CBD into your system.


CBD capsules

Swallowing a capsule is also an easy way to get CBD into your system. The CBD will be absorbed through your digestive tract. This may take longer compared to using the oil. You can take our full-spectrum CBD soft gels which come in a 750 mg pack. 


CBD drinks

This is also a cool way to take CBD supplements, by taking them with your drink. You can try out our CBD isolate Colombian coffee which comes in a stylish and easy-to-carry 600mg pack.  


CBD edibles

If you are always on the go, moving from place to place, then why not try out our broad-spectrum CBD gummies. They come in a neat 300mg pack and you can easily pop one in your mouth if you need the energy to keep you going. The best part about taking gummies is you can keep your mouth busy by giving your body the CBD supplement and sugar it needs to propel you through the day. 

There are also CBD clear worm gummies that you can take during the day. They come in a small 750 mg package which can be convenient to carry in your pocket.

All you need to do is to pick your favorite CBD product, do your microdosing math and you are ready to face the day.



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