Anger is a basic human survival tactic that prepares one to put up a fight, and anger is also one of the strongest human emotions. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us had to deal with an increased stress level which likely led to outbursts: frustration and anger. However, in these modern age and times, anger is not the best way to cope with any difficult situation. Anger management is one of the most common challenges faced by people today, and CBD can be one the best options for controlling anger.

Anger outbursts can be a small issue that last for a very short time for most people, and they will then be able to move on with their lives comfortably despite the occasional flare of temper. 

In some instances, unvented anger tends to build up over time, and become a major cause of stress and worry, which can result in uncontrollable anger in the event of an outburst. Such outbursts are very unhealthy, and should be managed and treated.

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A possibly effective,  natural solution for people who are facing anger management problems is CBD. You can opt-in for either CBD oils or CBD capsules and stay in better control of your temper. 

How To Know If Your Anger Is A Disorder? 

It is quite easy to identify when your anger is becoming an issue despite there being different versions and severity of anger disorders. Your temper issues might be the root cause of most disagreements and problems in your relationship, or your spouse might find it unpleasant and voice their concerns, more still, you might notice a change in their behavior or attitude towards you. 

Your anger issues might be considered a disorder if it causes problems in your relationships, workplace, the law and interferes with your overall health and mental peace. The level of anxiety and anger can be controlled to a certain extent by using CBD products. However, in the long term, it is best to seek medical help from a qualified doctor or counselor to help solve your anger management issues. Nonetheless, CBD can be a quick and harmless solution for anyone with frequent anger outbursts. 

Job loss, financial problems, problems at home or falling out with loved ones, constant pain or provocation are some of the main reasons for us to get angry. Research has proven that adolescents of around 8% of the population are also known to suffer from an anger disorder called intermittent explosive disorder despite anger issues being a common problem amongst adults. For teenagers, exam stress and fluctuating hormonal changes are the main causes of anger. Some parents make the decision to help promote relaxation with CBD solutions.

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Chemical imbalances can also be a leading cause of anger if there is no other visible external factor that causes one to be angry. The nervous system of the body including actions such as the ability to think, reason, or the ability to be emotional is controlled by neurotransmitters. The human brain has three catecholamines or “Cas,” which act as neurotransmitters. These Cas have varied functions, and anger disorders can be caused by an excess or deficiency in epinephrine, dopamine, and norepinephrine.


Emotional responses, motor control, and emotional learning are controlled by a chemical called dopamine. It acts as a moderator for controlling our perceptions and reactions. Low levels of dopamine reduce our productive thoughts and focus, as well as reduce our problem-solving ability and instead cause us to respond in an angry and stressful manner.


Anxiety, fear, excitement, and stress are driven by this chemical called epinephrine. It also plays the role of a regulator by regulating our heartbeat, sleep, and other functions of the human metabolism. Anxiety, tiredness, and hyperactivity are the result of higher than normal levels of epinephrine in the body. Depression, reduced adrenal stimulation, reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and lower recovery rates are some of the causes of lower epinephrine in patients. Research and first-hand experiences have proven that CBD oil is becoming a good treatment for anxiety and depression caused due to changes in epinephrine.


Norepinephrine is required to maintain our attention levels and moods. Memory and focus levels are also determined by the levels of Norepinephrine in our body. Moody feelings and anxiety are also caused by lower levels of Norepinephrine in the body. Diseases similar to bipolar disorder may occur due to high levels of Norepinephrine.

Anger Issues And Their Effects  

Chronic health diseases and problems in relationships are some of the results of uncontrolled anger. Lower immunity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and migraines are some of the diseases that one may develop due to temper issues. Insomnia and anxiety can also develop due to the inability to control anger. Continued anger can lead to fallouts with loved ones, problems at work, and a lack of concentration. CBD can help you unwind and relax and help you sleep well if you are suffering from insomnia and related problems.

CBD And Anger 

CBD, CBG, and THC are the cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD does not generally cause a euphoric or intoxicated feeling as it does not include THC. CBD is a good aid for keeping stress levels at bay, and acting as a stress buster.

The effectiveness and safety of CBD in helping children and adults with autism is still under study, although there is evidence that points out CBD with better performance in autistic people. CBD in medicines for diseases like epilepsy is being used commonly but more research needs to be done before it can be used as a key medication.

The effectiveness and safety of CBD in helping children and adults with autism is still under study, although there is evidence that points out CBD with better performance in autistic people. CBD in medicines for diseases like epilepsy is being used commonly but more research needs to be done before it can be used as a key medication.

Anger And The Endocannabinoid System

All the functions of the human body are regulated by the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This includes the absorption of vitamins and minerals, metabolizing food, and sending the right amount of CAs to control anger and other emotions. 

The cannabinoids produced by the ECS system are similar to those found in CBD. The consumption or injection of CBD oils to the body will regulate the ECS system, and maintain the balance of chemicals in the body. 

CBD has been linked to improved cognitive functions and lower stress levels, according to scientific research and survey results. Stress management is crucial to anger management and since CBD can help promote stress management, it can be a great addition to one’s daily routine. 

Chronic Pain And Anger 

Chronic pain can lead to irritability and frustration. A chemical called anandamide (AEA) regulates pain in the body. This chemical is similar to the THC found in the cannabis plant. CBD produces enzymes that break down AEA, which effectively works as a pain reliever. CBD is recommended for people with low levels of AEA and hence have a lower tolerance for pain. CBD oil as a remedy for pain is currently under the scope of research.

Which CBD Product Is Best For Anger Management?

Capsules release CBD slowly and gradually. CBD tinctures and oils are faster release methods to get CBD into your system at faster rates. These are great for controlling unforeseen anger outbursts. All you need to do is to place it under the tongue and wait six seconds, after which it will be absorbed by the bloodstream. 

CBD capsules are better for long-term anger management, and it is recommended to consult your doctor to find the best dosage. 

Seeking medical help and treating the source of anger is the best way to control your anger. Consult a doctor or psychologist to guide you in your anger management journey.

Nonetheless, the constant use of CBD products can be a good addition to your daily routine to help in your anger management.