Is your cat prone to seizures? If that's the case, You are likely eager to discover a treatment that's both effective, and healthy for your cat. CBD oil claims to assist convulsions in people, but are these supplements effective for cats and other pets? Yes, to put it simply. You can aid your cat with the help of premium CBD oil products. You can also add Smilz CBD products in cat food, but we always recommend consulting your vet prior.

In this article, you can find all the reasons you should administer the best CBD oil products to your cat to reduce its seizures.

Seizures in cats: 

Seizures in cats are characterized by uncontrolled bursts of motor movement, which are commonly referred to as spasms or shocks. These can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, with some lasting even longer. Seizures in cats aren't always as dangerous as they seem. However, they need quick treatment to confirm that the convulsions are not caused by a chronic medical issue. There are two forms of seizures in cats. Focal seizures are limited to certain areas of the body, they are also known as partial seizures. Among the signs and indications are violent behavior, extreme drooling of saliva, gazing off into nowhere, and having trouble getting up on their own. Seizures that involve the whole body are known as generalized seizures. Its symptoms include, unmanageable muscular movement, swaying to the side, regulation of the bowels, or urine is disturbed.


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How does CBD work on cats? 

CBD can improve the efficiency of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Inflammation, convulsions, hunger, digestion, and other bodily functions are all improved as a result of the efficient ECS.

The ECS is in charge of restoring the body's homeostasis. Its major function is to keep the organism in a state of equilibrium. Each physiological function enhances its performance as a result of equilibrium, with the ECS acting as a "monitor" for these processes. The ECS is found in all animals, and experts claim it is the most important mechanism in the organism.

Why should owners consider CBD as a treatment for seizures in cats? 

CBD's possible clinical advantages have been proven in trials to be effective in addressing a variety of clinical ailments. Seizures, persistent inflammation, stress, autoimmune disorder, and tumors are among these disorders. Epidiolex, a CBD medicine, was authorized by the FDA in 2018 for managing seizures connected to Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes.

One personal experience shared by one cat; Maple’s owners proves the efficacy of CBD oil in treating seizures. After noticing the shaking, rolling, and convulsing in their cat, the owners took a recommendation from their vet and administered the CBD oil on Maple. Although the CBD oil had no instant influence on Maple's convulsions, they did observe a significant increase in her eating and general activity. They also reported improvements with the episodes of seizures, as well as they mentioned that Maple's wellbeing had enhanced significantly.

In another study conducted in 2015, the data indicated that CBD may reduce psychotic symptoms, and have a good tolerability rating in kids and adolescent adults with extreme seizures. However, to determine the health risk and genuine effectiveness of this medication, clinical studies are required.

Another research conducted on the effects of CBD on seizures in cats and dogs was conducted. The result indicated that CBD was efficient in addressing the signs of seizures in pets. However, the researchers also mentioned that the efficacy of CBD was better in dogs than cats. They also claimed the need for further study in CBD benefits to clearly understand the relation of CBD and seizure in cats.


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Other CBD Advantages for Cats: 

CBD has several possible perks for cats, besides decreasing the occurrence of seizures. Giving your cat regular doses of CBD may help with an improvement in his or her emotions, as well as an increase in his or her hunger. 

CBD for cats could also aid in the treatment of several ailments, such as trauma, joint pain, and sleep problems, and several others.

Is Cannabidiol (CBD) safe for cats? 

While CBD is usually harmless for cats, it is important to consult your veterinarian when giving it to your kitty. In terms of any potential negative symptoms, utilizing CBD for feline epilepsy has a low chance of intoxication. In most cases, CBD contains just minimal levels of THC, the euphoric element in cannabis. As a result, it's not quite sufficient to make them intoxicated. If consumed in high doses, CBD might induce moderate diarrhea, nausea, extreme urination, and tiredness. Try lowering the CBD amount or skipping a session if your cat seems to be experiencing any of these negative effects. After a brief period, these adverse effects should fade or vanish completely.

Dosage of CBD for cats: 

For cats, experts suggest starting with a quantity of 2-4 mg per 10 pounds. It's more than double as much as they prescribe for canines. However, don't worry. Because kittens contain fewer endocannabinoid transmitters than dogs, they require twice the quantity to achieve similar results. Begin with 4-6 milligrams per 10 pounds of cat to help treat tumors or seizures.

The more severe their disease is, the additional CBD you'll require. However, begin slowly and gradually increase the amount of CBD oil until he or she is healthier and relaxed. It won't hurt to use a bit less or perhaps a bit more oil. Dosage can simply be guessed until you figure out what functions well for your cat.


CBD's medicinal efficacy has been established in several animal and human research. There are, nonetheless, insufficient academic data on CBD and convulsions in cats.

Cat parents must utilize CBD oil with care until an additional study has been conducted to establish that it is useful in treating seizures in cats.

Any step regarding CBD intake and treatment must be under the guidance of a doctor skilled in hemp or Cannabidiol treatment, be it for treating distress or to reduce the intensity and recurrence of seizures.

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