CBD and THC of the Hemp plant are the most trusted cannabinoids in aiding the natural healing process of our body. But it requires patience and persistence to show its beneficial qualities. “Good things take hustle, Greater things take time”, and what can be greater than our health and well-being?

Smilz CBD products provide you the desired effects efficiently, but the result might take longer than expected in some cases. In such cases, the consumer’s patience level plays a role. With patience and consistency, one can easily achieve the desired effects of CBD. 

At Smilz, the hemp seeds are grown in clean soil. Our experts show their professionalism by extracting the hemp oil from the plant proficiently. Being new to Smilz CBD oil, many people get confused about what to consume, and how to consume it. Our long list of CBD oil products comes in different qualities and strengths. So we want to show you exactly what to expect and how to take them.

Smilz presents you with various types of CBD products. These types are differentiated based on the ingredients and consistency of hemp cannabinoids in their nature. Some CBD products contain only one cannabinoid, such as CBD. Some types of CBD might contain two or more cannabinoids like THC and CBD. 


To help you more in selecting the appropriate CBD product based on your requirements, Let’s discuss these types of CBD oil further:

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is a type of CBD or cannabidiol; a substance found in the hemp plant. CBD isolate does not contain any THC, which makes it free of any psychoactive property or effects. This is why it is also known as pure CBD. CBD isolate the best choice for those who are willing to try CBD oil but are trying to avoid the ingestion of THC; an active ingredient in the cannabis plant. Smilz CBD isolate provides you with potential health benefits without any hint of THC. 

CBD-isolate might manipulate our various bodily functions such as memory, appetite, mood, and inflammation. No scientific research has proved the direct influence of CBD on these functions, but researchers believe that it might affect them in some indirect way. 

Full-spectrum CBD products

These CBD oils are prepared from the extraction of two or more two cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. Smilz Full-spectrum CBD oil also contains THC- a psychoactive ingredient of the hemp plant. However, the THC present in our products takes only 0.03% of the total formula, which means it's impossible for you to feel euphoria or hallucination after consuming our Full-spectrum CBD range. 

Our ECS plays a significant role in maintaining our homeostasis and many internal functions necessary to keep our body intact. The THC present in our CBD oil combines with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of ECS, which affects our homeostasis. 

Broad-spectrum CBD products

Broad-spectrum CBD also contains naturally occurring cannabinoids from hemp plants except for THC. Our broad-spectrum range of CBD oil provides you the aid in many ailments without any effects of THC. 


Smilz CBD Products: Method of Consumption

There are varieties of CBD oil products available at Smilz. The oil consumption depends on the type of product you are using. Every product has its unique way of providing you with its potential health benefits. 

Tinctures: When using CBD oil tinctures, it is necessary to keep in mind how much dosage your need requires. The oil tinctures are used by placing the oil drops under the tongue and help there for few seconds before gulping down. It enters the bloodstream from the tissues under the tongue. It can be used in the daytime or before bed. 

CBD capsules: Capsules are the easiest and oldest way of consuming CBD. After swallowing, Smilz CBD capsules enter your digestive system, where it is broken down into small compounds. These compounds enter the bloodstream to provide possible health benefits.

Gummies: Smilz CBD gummies are always suggested for beginners. Gummies are rich in flavor. They hold and provide the same well-being as other forms.

Coffee: Smilz CBD coffee is the best way to start your day. A simple cup of CBD coffee can provide you with immense health benefits like a fresh mind and an active body. 


Other things to keep in mind when consuming Smilz CBD products: 


The required outcome of CBD oil mostly depends on the dosage. Smilz suggests the Low potency or dosage for its new consumers. However, the dosage can be increased after some period. 

Consistency: The steadiness and consistency in intake of CBD oil decide the result it provides. You are recommended to have consistency and stability in your CBD oil intake so that you can get the most benefits out of our Smilz CBD products. 

Pay attention to your body signs: Your body drops many hints regarding what is good for it and what is not. You need to pay attention to the reaction of your body to CBD oils. These signs help in adjusting the dosage according to bodily needs and also helps you guide about the needs of your body. 


Smilz CBD products:

Now that you have already learned about the types and strengths of Smilz CBD products, it is time to take a look at each product and the health gains that it offers. 


 Full-Spectrum CBD oil: The full-spectrum CBD oil is available in 1000 mg, and its strength is 1000 mg per oz. It helps you in winding up all your worries and relaxes. 

It consists of Hemp oil, MCT oil, and natural ingredients. The product holds a total of Delta-9 Tetrahydro-cannabidiol, which is less than 0.3%


Broad-spectrum CBD gummies: This product helps you ease your mind and body with soft and fun bites. One bottle consists of 300mg with strengths of 2.94 mg/g. Its ingredients include CBD hemp extract, corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, flavors, and vegetable oil, etc. 


Clear-worms-CBD-gummies are available in 750 mg with 5.51 mg/g of strength. These chewable gummies are fun and easy to consume. 


Neon-cubes CBD gummies: Highly recommended for new consumers. It contains the same ingredient as other CBD gummies but is lower in strength with only 3.32mg/g.


Sour-bears CBD gummies: This fruit-flavored edible is packed with 3.32mg/g of total strength. It helps you provide harmony in your stressful life through its soft textures and flavorsome taste. 


Sour-worms CBD gummies: These small soft bites make a huge difference in your stressful and busy life. They assist you to provide the feeling of relaxation and calmness.


CBD-isolate Colombian coffee: What is a better way to start your day than Smilz CBD coffee? CBD coffee helps your body to become more active and lively. Smilz CBD coffee is 100% pure Colombian and includes US-grown hemp extracts.


Full-spectrum CBD soft gels: Smilz CBD soft gels are an excellent way to wind up your stressful and tiring day. These capsules are helpful in many regards, such as it provides aid to energize the body and helps you improve the quality of sleep, etc. CBD capsules enable your body to naturally heal.


Are you looking for natural ways that aids in the healing process of your body? Then try the most suitable helping hand from the above-mentioned list. You can also contact us to ask for the advice of our experts. Send us your questions or complaints on our email: [email protected]