With the rise in awareness and consumption of hemp, many CBD products have been introduced into the market. CBD flavored gummies help make the consumption of CBD tasty, CBD capsules are great for easy consumption, and CBD coffees are great to get our mornings started right. Despite all these varieties, CBD oil tinctures are still likely the best and easiest way to consume CBD. Many people prefer the tinctures over any other method as it is the quickest way to experience maximum results. 

Smilz CBD tinctures are a fast and convenient technique to consume CBD as it enters the bloodstream directly. It can help aid against many mental and physical health issues. Let us take a look at what makes CBD oil tinctures more popular than other methods and techniques. 

Sublingual Administration Of CBD Oil. 

For CBD to perform its task efficiently, it needs to enter our bloodstream. The way in which it enters into the bloodstream decides its effectiveness. Sublingual administration means consuming the compound by placing it under the tongue. The elements of the CBD oil are easily absorbed under the tongue, through the mucous membrane present there. This way CBD dissolves in the bloodstream directly and is said to generally give quicker and better results. 

When you consume CBD through other edible methods like gummies or capsules, CBD oil enters the digestive system, where our digestive system breaks down the elements of CBD, and then it enters the bloodstream. The same goes for the topical methods of CBD application. When the CBD product is applied to the surface, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream. This method can take a lot of time, and is usually less effective. 

This is likely why sublingual administration is most commonly practiced. More people prefer taking their CBD through oil tinctures.

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Benefits Of Placing The Oil Under The Tongue:

Sublingual is a more direct way as compared to oral consumption. When taken orally, CBD enters the bloodstream indirectly. It causes a decline in its potency. These methods can take up to 2 hours to show the effects of CBD. However, sublingual administration allows the CBD oil to show effects in 30 minutes. It means it provides all the same benefits as any other method but more quickly and efficiently.

Bioavailability is also high in sublingual administration. Bioavailability means the rate by which the active compounds of the drug get absorbed from the product and enter the blood flow. The high bioavailability of this method generally makes it more effective and faster. 

The membrane present under the tongue provides CBD direct access to the bloodstream. 


Methods Of Taking CBD Sublingually: 

CBD oil tinctures, undoubtedly, make CBD consumption quicker and more efficient, but it is necessary to follow the proper method of consumption. The careless or inconsistent intake of CBD can lead to many health issues and drawbacks. Let us look at how you should take your CBD to experience its all potential health benefits.

  1. Try consuming a high-quality product: The foremost step before consuming any CBD oil is to make sure that the product is of high quality. Try choosing a product that suits your preference, and a brand that suits your requirements. Smilz CBD oil tinctures are made with natural flavors and harmless ingredients. These products can help in the natural healing processes of the body.
  2. Avoid food intake before or after CBD: Eating before CBD can influence the results of the product. Try to avoid any food intake before taking CBD. The ideal time to consume CBD would be 20 minutes after food intake. The same goes for after eating, try to avoid eating anything until 20 minutes after CBD dosage. 
  3. Place the oil under the tongue with the help of a tincture: The method of sublingual consumption is rather quite simple. You simply need a few drops under your tongue with CBD oil tinctures. Do not swallow abruptly and wait for a few seconds. 
  4. Leave the oil under your tongue for a few seconds: The CBD oil tinctures are made with natural compounds and carry a natural, earthly taste. After holding it under your tongue for some time, you can swallow the oil. 
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How Long Should CBD Stay Under The Tongue?

Holding CBD oil under the tongue is a must for it to show the desired results. The question is, how long do we keep it there? Many experts have shown that CBD must stay under the tongue for at least 40 seconds. At the most, you can keep it for almost 2 minutes as the mucous membrane starts to work. 

Another critical question that arises at this point is: Does holding it there for longer have any side effects? Yes. If you hold the CBD oil more than the required time, it can lead to drawbacks. The best possible period for holding the oil sublingually would be more than 30 seconds and less than four minutes. 

CBD Oil Under Tongue:

There are only a few studies that prove that the bioavailability of CBD oil is higher when taken sublingually. Thus, it is impossible to say that oil tinctures outshine the other methods of consumption. The efficiency depends on the quality and consistency of intake. It also varies from person to person. 

Some people are more vulnerable to the drawbacks of CBD and might face negative effects by consuming it through direct methods. CBD oil tinctures are not the best choice for such people. CBD gummies and capsules are helpful in these cases. 


CBD oil tinctures are the most convenient and easiest way to take in CBD. Through this method, CBD dissolves in the blood flow directly and remains in the bloodstream for a longer period of time. Smilz CBD oil tinctures are made up of natural ingredients, and their strength is 1000mg/g. These properties make our CBD oil more powerful and effective as a helping remedy. Smilz CBD oil tinctures can possibly help against mental and physical concerns. 

Contact our professionals to learn more about CBD oil benefits. Explore our other CBD products on our product page.  

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