Our mental health is an important factor to our overall well being. It refers to neuropsychological, social, and emotional wellbeing. It affects our ability to think, our creativity, and even our physical strength. It can be difficult to carry out any regular task when you are mentally tired.

Stress, anxiety, depression and traumas can affect our professional and personal lives; and our relationships rely on our mental wellbeing. 

How does Smilz CBD oil help work on mental health? 

Our body has a system called the endocannabinoid system, which consists of many receptors. CBD oil seems to act upon these receptors. This system affects our homeostasis. Homeostasis refers to the balance of our body's internal functions such as temperature, blood circulation, blood sugar level, mood, appetite, and digestions. These functions are the basis of our body and any imbalance in these can affect our body significantly. 


Anxiety stress help support

THC cannabinoids, present in CBD oil, binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of our ECS, and eventually have effects on our homeostasis. This way it controls our mood, appetite, and other factors that can influence our mental outcomes. 

In what exact ways CBD affects our ECS is not yet clear, but many kinds of research have shown that it might affect the serotonin signals in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for balance in our mental health. Low serotonin levels have been correlated with anxiety and depression. 

The following are some common stresses which targeted by our Smilz CBD oil products:


The fear of an unknown future is a common problem nowadays. Almost every person feels anxious under different conditions, but it becomes a more serious problem when this anxiety starts affecting your quality of life. CBD can help alleviate some of this anxiety.  

A study conducted by the National Institute on Drug abuse (NIDA) concluded the reduction of stress in rats who were given CBD. After a dose of CBD, rats had fewer physiological symptoms of stress, and their behavior also improved. 

Smilz CBD Isolate Colombian coffee, or CBD gummies are a great way to help deal with general or social anxiety. It may help elevate your mood and may help gain the confidence needed to get through the feelings of fear. 



Depression is a form of stress that gives you the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. It is a serious mental illness that calls for proper treatment and therapy. Depression can have an impact on how you think and how you act. It can be caused by various external or internal reasons such as stress, relationship conflicts, or physical or mental abuse. 

An animal study conducted in 2014 found that CBD can provide antidepressant effects to the brain. Another study conducted in 2018 deduced that CBD might aid in stress-related depression by affecting our mood through our ECS.

Smilz CBD may help alleviate some minor feelings of depression, however, always consult with your physician if you have any feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, and/or suicidal thoughts. Smilz CBD is not intended to cure or treat these conditions.

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Sleep Problems. 

The effects of CBD for sleeping have yet to really be studied or proven, however studies conducted on pain and anxiety have shown some relationship between sleep and CBD. In research conducted on the effects of CBD on pain and inflammation, many participants reported an increase in sleep quality. Another study conducted on CBD and anxiety showed a positive correlation between sleep and CBD intake. Almost 65% of participants saw an improvement in their sleep. 

Smilz CBD oil and CBD gummies deliver the promising effects that help you sleep better and wake up more recharged than ever. 

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Although CBD is a great over the counter alternative to many of the mental stresses listed above, please consult with a licensed medical physician if you have any feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, or any suicidal thoughts. Smilz CBD is not intended to cure or treat any kind of mentalor physical disorders. Always consult with your doctor.