Now that people everywhere have embraced change, Smilz plans to light your path to new possibilities with CBD products that promise to bring positive change and limitless potential.

That’s because Smilz CBD products make every day feel fresh and easy by helping you maintain your own version of heaven on earth, giving you the tools to approach your daily life with a brand-new outlook. 

At Smilz, it’s our mission to make people all over the world smile by adding a little extra boost to their daily lives. We're committed to providing people with the most affordable and highest quality products on the market.

Smilz is recognized as “The world’s finest CBD brand for relaxation” according to Healthline.

Our products bring the best and freshest ingredients with the finest combinations of flavor, texture, and design. From gummies to oils to topical creams and even coffee, expect to feel like you’re walking on clouds while still accomplishing your goals both small and large.

During the product development phase of Smilz, Co-founders Jas Mathur and Floyd Mayweather work tirelessly with scientists and farmers to confirm that every product is powered with the highest quality CBD.

"At any time, you can check the lab results from third-party tests on the website. We want our customers to feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied the whole way—from the moment they confirm their purchase to the last drop they take from their bottle," adds Mathur.

Our Story

Why is Smilz the best, most trusted CBD brand?

Meet Mathur and Mayweather, an Unbreakable Bond

Finding Smilz means you’ve got the best brains behind the brand. Mathur and Mayweather are a match made in heaven. They’re taking an already successful company to new heights and whoever connects with Smilz gets to come along for the ride.

They’re the perfect blend of health, wellness, and business smarts. Global entrepreneur Jas Mathur gives you style, intellect, and inspiration. Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather delivers power, passion, and pride. But, we could shuffle those descriptions and it would be just as accurate.

They share strong stories and both are visionaries with an equal passion for health and wellness. They also have a history of success on all counts. You can read more about their partnership in PR Newswire’s post, LIMITLESS CEO Jas Mathur and Floyd Mayweather partner to launch CBD product line Smilz.


Global Entrepreneur Jas Mathur inspires Smilz

Global entrepreneur and social media wellness icon, Jas Mathur was born for business. As a teenager, he launched a successful ad network business and was making millions in his early twenties. But, he struggled with some serious health issues that were getting in the way of his happiness.

Instead of allowing his health issues to rob him of his happiness, Mathur turned it all around. He harnessed his passion for business and used it to get healthy. In the process, he created Emblaze One, Limitless X, and now is Co-Founder of Smilz.

Mathur’s 5 million followers see the power of his mindset and feel the difference after connecting with him. You will feel the same once you see for yourself just how trustworthy and passionate he really is about really enjoying your life to the fullest.

You can join Jas Mathur’s 5 million followers @limitless

Mathur puts his heart and soul into everything he does because he knows what it means to struggle and he knows what it takes to conquer overwhelming obstacles.

In keeping with his desire to spread happiness, Mathur has helped so many others overcome their own challenges. Us Magazine wrote about Mathur teaching Rapper Jay Z how to defeat diabetes. In the article, Mathur repeats that it really starts with mindset.

So, deciding to use Smilz CBD products makes so much sense when you keep all of this in mind.


Champion Floyd Mayweather commands Smilz

Band Mayweather together with Mathur and you have an unbreakable bond. Mayweather powers the brand with his reputation as the most successful boxer in sports history.

Us Weekly writes about their partnership in Floyd Mayweather And Jas Mathur Join Forces To Launch New CBD Line Smilz.

It’s pretty clear that retirement from boxing just gave Mayweather a reason to flex his muscles elsewhere. His network of franchises of gyms and fitness centers connects perfectly with the Smilz brand. He has continued building his legacy by investing in real estate, sports franchises, merchandising, and apparel.

Mayweather’s name alone commands respect and admiration. People know he means what he says because he does what he says he’s going to do. There’s no second-guessing or doubt involved when Mayweather’s in the picture.

Mayweather leads Smilz as a Co-founder with a name that serves as an inspiration to millions both young and old. He would never associate his name with anything but the best. People who know him, follow him and admire him also know that he stands by his word.

Check out Mayweather and his 25.7 million followers @floydmayweather

Do Smilz products have the Best and Freshest CBD?

Yes, here’s why.

Clearly, there’s no stopping Smilz with Mathur and Mayweather running the show, but you may have questions about the CBD product’s quality. If you’re curious about how Mathur and Mayweather know they’ve chosen the best and freshest CBD, we’ll give you some details that will put smiles on your faces.

Rigorously tested by independent, third-party labs, all Smilz products deliver the best ingredients out there according to strict standards of quality and consistency.

You should know some important facts about our CBD products:

  • Eco-conscious

  • Sustainable farming practices

  • 100% organic

  • No pesticides

  • No harmful chemicals

  • No blurry-eyed high

  • THC-Free

  • Third-party lab tested

Because our CBD products are sourced in Oregon, we possess an important foundation in the CBD industry. It wasn’t difficult to decide which state to source our products. The choice was simple. We wanted to give our users the best experience so that they quite literally would feel no worries.

We also wanted to make promises that we could keep such as telling you that our products are eco-conscious, 100% organic, have no pesticides or harmful chemicals, have less than .3% THC, and are third-party lab tested.

We are so dedicated to remaining eco-conscious through sustainable farming practices that we chose the perfect place to cultivate our products. Oregon is by far one of the best and most trusted states in the CBD industry.

In 2019, Oregon experienced a 500% increase in farmers planting hemp. That says more than enough about Oregon’s power in the CBD industry.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Program offers valuable support to its hemp farmers. Even more important, the department requires hemp growers to have their entire operation registered and licensed.

In Oregon, hemp crops are tested for 0.3% THC or less. The agricultural department also requires tests for contaminants and pesticides, according to Why Oregon May Be the Best Hemp-Growing State. Moreover, the department oversees the manufacturing process. Any CBD product made in Oregon will be the best of its kind.

So when you browse through Smilz CBD products if a fruit-flavored gummy reads that it's packed with a potent 11.5 mg of pure, premium CBD, then you know it is. You don’t have to do research or worry that you’re spending money for no reason. You get what you pay for, plain and simple.

With strict standards and consistency, all Smilz products are rigorously tested by independent, third-party labs. This ensures that we deliver only the best ingredients infused into the best CBD products.

High Quality

How are Smilz CBD products so affordable and still high quality?

The question really is, how can we achieve our mission? We're committed to providing everyone with the most affordable and highest quality CBD products.

Remember that the cofounders built their fortunes on authenticity. They’ve also proven their worth and resilience on more than one occasion by overcoming difficult obstacles.

In doing so, they live by their word. They also know value and they value the world they live in. That means offering a brighter day to everyone who wants a better way of life.

That’s exactly why the brand is named Smilz.

It’s meant to bring and maintain smiles. It’s meant to be shared, enjoyed, and passed along. That can’t happen if it’s not affordable and doesn’t work.

You already know where the product is sourced. You already know that quality is not a question.

So, decide for yourself. The choice is simple.

If a Smilz product such as Smilz Sour Worms CBD Gummies contains 750 mg of high-quality CBD and is sold at the low price of $39.97, what do you think? Is it worth it to at least try it?

Yes, it is worth it.

If a Smilz product such as Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains 1000 mg for only $37.97, would you buy it?

Yes, of course you would buy it. You can look at the best products on the market and rest assured that Smilz products are beyond affordable and inexpensive in comparison.

How do we do it?

Don’t forget that you have the best leaders on this team. They’re not going to let you down because their mission is to spread smiles all over the world and in order to do that they need to give you the best price.

Take a look at Your Guide to CBD for more information about the different types of CBD products and which ones might best suit your needs.

How do I pick a product?

You are a unique bundle of desires, needs, and perspectives. What’s right for you may not be right for someone else. So, we’re here to help.

Let’s take a closer look at the basic types of products and how they typically help users. Usually, you’ll choose from full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. You might also want to try new products that are being introduced to the CBD industry such as CBG and Delta 8.

Full spectrum CBD pours an incredible amount of chemical compounds called cannabinoids over your body with the intent of relieving all kinds of difficulties. At the same time, it releases what many people describe as an entourage effect.

The entourage effect is usually associated with the .3% THC that is legally allowed in the United States. Many users claim they feel a lighter sensation when taking certain full spectrum CBD products.

Broad spectrum CBD also supplies the body with helpful compounds but with no THC or entourage effect.

CBD isolate is often found in a powder form and is considered one of the purest forms with absolutely no THC.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid that a lot of users prefer because they say it has stronger effects than other compounds. It’s supposed to have multiple therapeutic benefits with similar results such as anti-inflammatory elements as well as pain reduction.

Delta 8 is new to the current CBD industry and is causing quite a buzz among its users. Users are also saying that it works faster than CBD and other cannabinoids.

Users are able to feel the effects of Delta 8 almost immediately. In comparison, it may take using other CBD products more consistently and over a longer period of time to experience results.

Users say that Delta 8 produces a sort of high that leaves them a buzzy, light feeling while also shedding away any anxiousness or pain.

Smilz CBD products are sold as:

  • Oils come with a dropper and are highly effective.

  • Gummies have tons of flavors and take longer to feel effects.

  • Coffees take a subtle, focus effect.

  • Soft gels can be used for settling into the evening.

  • Creams can be used for soothing aches and pains.

Visit our products page or click on the links below to find out more details about prices and different strengths that are offered for many of the CBD oil products as well as the CBD gummies, capsules, coffees, and creams.

Smilz Oils

You only need one dropper-full of Smilz Full Spectrum CBD. Its pure, premium quality, will help you unwind at the end of your day, achieving that perfect balance. Get the maximum entourage effect with full spectrum CBD.

Smilz Gummies, Edibles

When you take a bite of Smilz gummies, savor our delicious flavors that will soothe you into a perfect vibe to balance out your day or ease into your evening.

Smilz Coffee

Brew premium CBD Isolate Colombian Coffee for a better balanced day. Its rich yet smooth flavor will enhance your experience. This exclusive blend consists of premium Colombian coffee and U.S.-grown hemp.

Smilz Full Spectrum Softgel Capsules

Savor Full Spectrum CBD Softgel capsules when you pop one into your mouth. Each softgel capsule is filled with premium CBD oil and packed with all the benefits of high-quality CBD.

Smilz Creams or Topicals

CBD Creams and Topicals include Smilz Broad Spectrum CBD Pain Relief Hemp & Arnica Muscle and Joint Balm for maximum pain relief. Smooth these creams and topicals over your joints and muscles to experience relief from the tensions of the day.

What does the future of the CBD industry look like with Smilz leading the way?

Smilz is already bigger than any other CBD company on social media because of the commitment to excellence that your cofounders Mathur and Mayweather have established. So, there’s no limit to where they will take the brand.

Expect to gain access to the newest CBD products as soon as they’re available and tested for quality. The Smilz team is always one step ahead of the rest and will stop at nothing to make sure you have the best products in your hands before anyone else.

Our parent companies Emblaze One and Limitless have a proven record of successful business and brands, and we will leverage the experience and know-how to make Smilz take the market by storm to become the hottest lifestyle brand.