With the recent influx of social media influencers and social media models, many of us have become much more aware of our body shape and weight. So many of us have tried to achieve that ideal body through diet plans and exercise. But not all of us have been able to hit the desired target due to many internal or external factors. CBD oils by Smilz might be able to help you achieve the desired weight loss goal. 

About CBD:

For decades now, the hemp plant has been used in chronic pains and other ailments. Even today, the cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant serve the same purpose, in addition to many other health gains. CBD and THC can help treat inflammation, stress, anxiety disorder, mood disorders, and symptoms of epilepsy. One of the roles CBD plays is its aid in weight loss through appetite reduction. CBD seems to block the appetite receptors in the body, which leads to  decreased food consumption. The loss of appetite, followed by less food intake, eventually results in weight loss. 

Researches on CBD and Weight Loss:

Many types of research have supported the claim that CBD might cause appetite changes in the body. Many CBD users are also said to lose weight after consuming CBD. 

In 2018, a study conducted on CBD revealed a reduction in hunger and obesity. The study showed that CB1 antagonists help block the appetite receptors, and CB2 causes the reduction in inflammation and food consumption. 

A study conducted on rats in 2012 showed a significant reduction in their body weight after the intake of CBD. The results concluded that the CB1 antagonist present in the body reduced their appetite. This effect resulted in a noticeable weight change. No such studies were made on humans until 2016. 

In 2016, another study on CBD and its weight loss benefits claimed how CBD helps to brown the white-fat cells. Brown fats are also known as good fat as it helps keep the body warm. By burning the unnecessary white fats, CBD can possibly help in decreasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. The process of CBD converting white fats into brown fats was later explained, through a study conducted in 2018. 

Another study in 2018 showed the relationship of obesity with many metabolic issues such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. CBD can help reduce the chances of obesity and can also help in regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

CBD doesn’t only provide internal aid when it comes to weight loss, but it can also help externally. Working out is an essential tool to reduce weight and reduce chances of obesity. But such physical activities can cause chronic muscle pains and soreness. CBD helps in treating these physiological issues and also helps provide the required energy to the body.


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Smilz CBD Products For Weight Loss:

The Endocannabinoid system is constantly working, even without our knowledge. It helps in regulating homeostasis, which means the internal balance of many physiological factors. One of the physiological factors regulated by ECS is appetite, which is directly linked to weight gain or loss. CBD acts upon the receptors of ECS and can help affect the appetite indirectly. 

Let us look into what CBD products are beneficial for weight loss and how they help to achieve the desired body goals.


CBD Tinctures:

The quickest and most convenient way to consume CBD is through tinctures. Place the dropper under your tongue and let the oil drops stay there for a few seconds. After 30-60 seconds, swallow the CBD oil. While being held sublingually, CBD oil gets absorbed into the membrane under the tongue. It enters the blood flow directly and shows the desired result in the least amount of time. These CBD tinctures are available in the strength of 1000mg/g. This means that they possess high potency, and high dosage can lead to various drawbacks. CBD oil tinctures still possess the natural and earthly taste, therefore if you find its taste or method unpleasant, you can add the oil into your food or drink for indirect consumption. 

CBD Softgels: 

This is probably the oldest and easiest way to take your CBD. These capsules enter the digestive system after being ingested. The digestive system breaks down the compounds of CBD capsules and allows them to enter the bloodstream from there. The indirect entrance of CBD into your blood flow might give late results, but this way, the body is safe from any drawback that high potency CBD oil possesses. The CBD and THC from CBD capsules act upon the receptors to block the appetite after entering the blood flow. By this method, CBD can possibly help in reducing the chances of obesity and heart diseases. 

CBD Gummies: 

CBD gummies can be a fun and easy way to intake your CBD. These gummies don’t really require a proper intake routine or method. You can simply gain its benefits by chewing on them at any time a day. CBD gummies might be a little time taking, but the low potency of CBD gummies usually makes them more tolerable even after a large dosage. You can keep the CBD gummies in your bag or pockets, and eat them while working out, at a gym or on a walk. 

CBD Coffee: 

Smilz CBD coffee is prepared with pure CBD. This means that there is no THC or any other active cannabinoids of the hemp plant. CBD coffee provides the same effective results as any form of CBD. You can add CBD coffee to your morning exercise routine, or simply add it your morning cup of coffee.

An Important Note: 

CBD might help you in your weight loss journey, but it doesn’t mean to rely only on CBD. It is also necessary to follow the proper diet plan and exercise along with CBS supplements. Cut down the soda and unnecessary fats from your diet and focus more on working out. Try to meditate and practice yoga for at least 30 minutes a day. Meditation can help you relax and helps ease the mind. 

Get in touch with our experts to know more about CBD and its potential health benefits. 

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