Cannabidiol (CBD) appears to be a viable choice for the management of both physical and mental illnesses, based on results from laboratory and animal investigations. However, most of the time, the ultimate CBD efficiency depends on the dosage, type, and process. Smilz CBD oil and its effects also vary from type to type and dosage to dosage. To make sure you get the maximum health benefits from your best CBD oil product, make sure to choose the suitable dosage and type of CBD.

Here we will discuss what is the right dosage of CBD for a few ailments, and what type of CBD can heal specific ailments? But, before that, let's go through some basic information.


What is CBD, and how does CBD oil function? 

CBD refers to cannabidiol, a chemical found in cannabis that has several benefits for the nervous system and organism.

Cannabidiol is not the same as marijuana, which is known for its psychotropic effects. Conversely, it comes from the hemp leaf, which has a greater concentration of non-psychoactive cannabinoids and a lower concentration of hallucinogenic THC. When taken as oil tinctures, candies, or tablets, these substances help with a variety of brain disorders. Some of these can be applied to the skin like lotions, shampoos, or skincare products. CBD products are available in a variety of formats, including pure CBD, full-spectrum CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD. THC-free goods are available for those who desire them.

CBD is associated with the CB1 and CB2 transmitters in our endocannabinoid system, according to many studies. Our balance, or harmony of biological variables, is regulated by the endocannabinoid system. Our glucose sugar status, heart rate, temperament, mindset, hunger, and a variety of other physiological processes are all important for a strong mind and physique. CBD helps to keep these key factors in check.


Dosage of CBD oil: 

 The quantities employed in clinical trials differ, and no opinion exists on what amount may be utilized for particular disorders. If you do choose to use CBD, you should be aware that there is no broadly accepted dosage. According to the study, individuals may react individually to different dosages, so the quantity that is appropriate for you may differ from other people.

You might want to start with the lowest dosage and gradually increase the amount after a few days, if you suffer from mild ailments.

Just one CBD medicine, Epidiolex, has been authorized by the FDA, and it is currently accessible by prescriptions. This authorization includes the management of convulsions in persons with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, two serious cases of epilepsy. The recommended Epidiolex intake is 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of physical mass (mg/kg), given two times every day for a maximum of 5 mg/kg in a day. Individuals can raise their intake to 5 mg/kg daily after 7 days, for a minimum of ten mg/kg each day.

In one research, 300-600 mg of dosage was enough to show CBD's effectiveness in helping lower anxiety. This dosage was helpful in trauma, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression, with no harmful side effects.

One study demonstrated the effects of CBD on insomnia and sleep-related issues with the dosage of 25 mg/day.

In another research on IBS, researchers concluded that CBD has anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, anxiolytic, and neuropsychiatric effects with the dosage of 10mg/day.

These are just the dosages that successful CBD researchers have utilized. Cbd oils are not authorized by the FDA and do not have established intake recommendations. It makes estimating how much you will require tricky. However, you can still figure out the perfect dose by examining few factors such as:

  • Your vulnerability: If you are sensitive to most things or allergic to the possible ingredients in CBD oil products, you must start with the lowest dosage. It is better that you mix your CBD oil in your meal. 
  • Your symptoms: If you are planning to address mild symptoms or issues, you must go for the low dosages or low potency product. Take your healing journey slow and avoid all potential side effects that come with high dosage.
  • Try dosage calculators: you can find several dosage calculators online that might be able to help you find out the suitable amount based on your symptoms.
  • Ask the specialist: We always recommend you to talk to your health expert regarding the ailments you are facing. The experts know better and they can guide you better.


Types of CBD efficiency: 

The effects and benefits of CBD oil products also depend on the type you choose. There are three main CBD oil types. All of these are different in potency and have different effects on different people.

Full-spectrum CBD: 

Full-spectrum CBD is a product that includes all of the cannabinoids present organically in the hemp crop, as well as extremely minute quantities of THC, the euphoric element linked to the weed “high.” Many researchers and experts have claimed the efficiency of Full spectrum CBD products in treating mental and physical ailments. Experts claim that this is the most effective form of CBD. In one research study conducted in 2017, full-spectrum CBD was declared as the superior choice over other forms of CBD.

In another research, investigators stated that the synergy from entourage effect on the full spectrum is most efficient in treating major ailments including, inflammation depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and cancer.

Broad-spectrum CBD:

Broad-spectrum CBD provides the same entourage effect as full-spectrum. Many types of research have also supported its claims in treating serious physical and psychological issues including, pain, stress, anxiety, cancer-related symptoms, and epileptic seizures. One research reported the benefits of the entourage effect along with terpenes in broad-spectrum CBD by stating that it was proven efficient in treating mood-related issues such as stress and anxiety.


CBD isolate contains pure CBD extract, which explains why this form is considered less efficient in the light of research. However, it is the only method that ensures the absence of any possible side effects. This type of CBD oil is best for people who want to treat mild ailments such as appetite and mood changes. While CBD isolation appears to have some medical advantages, according to one study in rats, it also appears to have fewer drawbacks than full-spectrum products.


Process of CBD Efficiency: 

Here are a few things that might help you to enhance your CBD experience.

As one recent research shows, one approach to improve the efficiency and bioavailability of CBD oil if consumed orally is to combine it with fatty acids. CBD must transit past the long digestive system before being spread in the bloodstream. CBD oil (alone) enters the bloodstream late but gets removed from the system quickly. As a result, it stays in the body for just a short period. When we consume CBD with fatty acids, we enable the compound to stay in our system for longer.

Another way to enhance the efficiency of CBD oil is to consume it sublingually. When you add few drops of CBD under your tongue, the particles of CBD oil enter the blood flow directly through the tissues under the tongue. This way, it works most efficiently and quickly. One study conducted on the sublingual administration of drugs supports this claim.



Hopefully, now you know what dosage type or process is better to get the maximum effects of your CBD product. You must have also learned what ailment requires, what dosage and type. There is another factor that plays a role in CBD efficiency; the quality of the product you are purchasing. That is why we recommend you pick one of the Smilz high-quality CBD products.

For more details about CBD oil products and their psychological and physiological health advantages, please, contact us. Also, explore our CBD range; CBD capsulesCBD Gummies, and CBD coffee.


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