Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, like other things, has an expiration date. The usual shelf life of CBD oil is one to two years. Furthermore, the carrier oils like coconut oil or MCT oil that is used in conjunction with the CBD extract might go bad, altering the taste and texture of the CBD oil. 

We use the best quality carrier oils and a range of artificial and natural flavors here at Smilz. The expiry date of CBD oil is mentioned on its packaging so that you can avoid out-of-date products easily. 

When items are kept in the warehouse for some time before arriving at your door, it also affects the lifespan of the product. This is why it is critical to choose a high-quality CBD product from a reputable brand. 

The Shelf Life Depends On The Following Factors: 

The shelf life of CBD oil is determined by several factors, including its quality, its components, and the way it is stored. Understanding these characteristics might assist you in selecting items that will last longer. It can also contribute to extending the shelf life of your product. By focusing on the quality and expiry date, you can also save yourself from spending a fortune on low-quality products. 

Quality: Not surprisingly, items of better quality are usually more long-lasting. It is usually the result of crop conditions, plant quality, and the quality of any additional components. 

Ingredients: It is important to know which ingredients are used in your CBD oil. Because every component, such as flavor, might have its lifespan, which might impact the durability of the product. Make sure to read the product label and certificate of analysis to know the quality of the product. 

Process of extraction: Carbon dioxide extraction is an ideal way of extracting CBD oil from the plant. It increases the levels of CBD — and other compounds acquired from the plant throughout extraction. The chemicals also remain stable when the extraction is made with the carbon dioxide method. The CO2 does not allow any toxic chemicals in the final product. 

Packaging: In dark and sealed glass bottles, CBD oil lasts a lot longer. The appropriate container protects the oil against air and solar exposure.

Storage: Research reveals that high temperature and light increase CBD breakdown and are thus crucial for safe storage. Ideal circumstances can assist CBD oil to maintain its strength and freshness.

Is There Any Way To Know Whether It Is Expired?

The best before date should be on the container, which will give you an indication of if CBD has gone bad or not. If there is no expiry date mentioned, or the product label has come off, here are the following ways you can get the idea of expiry:

Smell: Fresh CBD oil should in no way smell unpleasant and stinky. You can recognize an expired CBD oil through its smell right away. 

Thickness: CBD oil is dense. It should not be confused with the murky texture, which might happen if the oil is lying in a fridge or cold environment. A few minutes at room temperature and it returns to its original color and thickness. If this is not the case, then thickness and shade are indications of expiry.

• Tastes: If the oil has not been flavored chemically, it is typically referred to as having a "nutty," or "earthy" taste. The taste should still be pleasant, even if your product is not flavored. Expired CBD oil will taste "weird" on the other hand. 

How To Know CBD Oil Quality: 

To know if the products you are planning to use are of high quality, make sure they are third-party tested. 

A company will ship a sample of its CBD extract to a third-party laboratory to check its cannabinoid and terpene quality. To guarantee it is contamination-free, the independent company runs some tests on CBD products, which may affect the efficiency and durability of your CBD oil, such as chemicals, heavy metals, solvents, and toxicants.

Be Cautious Of Low Rates:

The manufacturing of CBD oil is quite costly. The production of a high-quality product of CBD oil, including the production of hemp, processing, and formulations of the products, involves a lot of expenses—not to forget, all safety tests and promotion. Based on your strength, volume, formulation, and quality, your regular CBD product should cost more than roughly $30 a bottle.

 If you encounter a CBD oil that is under $30, be careful about the reason why the CBD is offered at a lower cost. It may be because the expiry date is almost at hand, or because the CBD company follows the strategies to minimize expenses. The cheaper products are prepared by compromising the quality of the product.

Will You Get Sick With Expired Oil? 

The outdated CBD oil might not make you sick, but there are many other drawbacks that you could face.  

Also, cannabinoids start to deteriorate with time and lose their strength. So, you do not obtain the full potential healing benefit of the product if you use expired CBD oil.


In addition to keeping in the proper container, here you will find some more suggestions to protect the quality of your CBD oil:

• To avoid excessive air exposure store CBD oil in its original package.

• Store oil away from light, such as a pantry, cupboard, or closet.

• Do not keep oil at high or low temperature instead, try storing it at room temperature. 

• To avoid other harmful side effects, try to clean the dropper or spoon when using them for CBD.

• Close the cap of the bottle carefully to avoid any air exposure. 


Smilz CBD Edibles And Tinctures Expiry:

Depending on the other components, the expiry dates for CBD products may vary considerably. CBD gummies and treats are more likely to expire sooner than other products. 

Smilz CBD products have an expiry date mentioned on the label of the product. The shelf-life of our high-quality products is long-lasting. You can store Smilz CBD tinctures and CBD capsules for almost two years, depending on their manufacture date. However, Smilz CBD gummies tend to expire considerably sooner. 

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