Although many people have complemented the effects of CBD on their well-being, some people have been unable to enjoy the desired outcomes that we’ve come to expect from CBD. It doesn’t mean that CBD doesn’t work, however, there are many external factors to consider as to why CBD may not have worked as well for these people.

Before losing hope in CBD, it is important to recognize the factors that might have played a role in its low efficacy or insignificant effects. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why CBD may not have worked for you. 


1. Low Quality 

Even though CBD helps promote great health benefits for its consumers, it mostly depends on the way it was manufactured. After the legalization of CBD products in 2018, many companies started producing CBD oil, but unfortunately, not all come with Lab reports and COA guidelines to prove their quality. Smilz is one of the top CBD companies that continues to produce high-quality CBD products. 

There are many counterfeit products out there, so it is important to recognize a high-quality company that is well known for its CBD products. 

To recognize a high-quality product, you can look for its certificate of analysis (COA). This certificate is mostly mentioned on the company’s website in lab reports and if it is not, you can ask for it directly from the company. 

Also, make sure that the product you are planning to use is third-party tested; which means the company has sent their products to an independent company that ensures the product is reliable and has fewer drawbacks. 


2. Dosage

While consuming CBD, a suitable dosage should always be kept in mind. You should not simply ask your friend or family member to recommend a dosage for CBD intake; which is an all too common issue.

All human beings are different from each other. We all have different metabolism rates and our tolerance also differs from one another. We can not just consume the amount our friends or family members consume without expert recommendation, as certain doses might be suitable for their body type, but create an issue for ours. 

CBD oil affects the endocannabinoid system that helps in regulating our homeostasis. Homeostasis is responsible for maintaining many physiological processes in the body like our temperature, blood sugar level, pain, mood, directions. Our endocannabinoid also varies from each other which means the effect CBD has on our ECS also differs from person to person. 

3. Unreasonable Expectations

After the fame CBD accrued, many misconceptions regarding its effects and outcomes started circulating. Many claimed that it heals almost every chronic disease, while others insisted that it works within hours like magic. These types of myths resulted in many unrealistic expectations of CBD oil, which eventually led to disappointment. 

CBD does help promote many different kinds of health benefits, however it is not a wonder drug. It does not cure or treat any serious ailments such as cancer, for example.  

Another misbelief about CBD and its effects is that it heals all ailments in no time. In reality, CBD products require patience and consistency. Smilz CBD products can help provide the desired outcomes in 30-60 days.  

4. Using Multiple Products At A Time

One of the biggest mistakes people make while consuming their CBD is that they start using other products with it too. This combination of other products with CBD can be very dangerous and can lead to many side effects. Smilz recommends you avoid the consumption of other products while using our CBD commodities. 

5. A Wrong Form Of CBD 

All Smilz CBD products are designed to serve the same purpose, but they all carry different strengths. These CBD products are available in different forms to fit the different preferences of people.  

If you are unable to experience the wonders of CBD oil, try switching to a different form that is more suitable for your personality type. Smilz offers you CBD oil, CBD gummiesCBD Isolate Colombian coffee, and CBD oil soft gels. 

Try connecting with us in the event of experiencing any adverse CBD oil effects.