Many of us already know a little bit about CBD; however, there is another lesser known cannabinoid which also has some possible beneficial properties. CBD (Cannabidiol) has promising potential as found in some studies to help with mental and physical stress.

Many people enjoy improved well-being and quality of life when using CBD. With the continuous study on the cannabis plant and its other hundreds of cannabinoids, researchers have also discovered an equally promising component known as CBG. 

CBG (Cannabigerol) is available in a smaller amount than other cannabinoids in hemp plant. The other elements such as CBD and THC are present in 20-25% and 25-30% respectively, and only 1% of CBG is available in the plant, hence making the CBG products more expensive and elusive. CBG holds the same benefits as CBD but its rare occurrence affects its popularity and availability. 

CBGa: The Mother of Cannabinoids

CBG is also known as the mother of cannabinoids as it provides the source to many other cannabinoids. The acidic form of CBG; cannabigerol acid (CBGa) helps in finding many other useful cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

CBGa becomes the mother of other cannabinoids by following an uncommon biosynthetic way which is also known as the lifecycle of the CBD molecule. Many environmental factors such as sunlight, temperature, and oxygen, play their role in bringing these changes to the molecules of CBG. It then gives rise to many other cannabinoids. 

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Similarities Between the CBD and CBG cannabinoid

By having the same backgrounds, CBD and CBG share many similarities in their properties. Both are extracted from the hemp plant in the same way. CBG and CBD typically do not cause any type of euphoria. Mutually, these cannabinoids are strong agents helping against many mental stresses and disorders. 

Differences Between CBD and CBG

Even though they both share the same history and same healing properties, there are many differences they hold from each other. CBD is found in higher quantities in the cannabis plant than CBG. CBG is only taken up to 1% of extract which makes it more valuable and rarer than CBD.

CBD only combines with one receptor of ECS whereas CBG binds with both receptors that make it even more unique. Although they both are quite different still, we cannot put one above the other. They are both potentially helpful and amazing in their different ways. 

CBG & CB1 / CB2 Receptors

Research conducted on this cannabinoid showed that CBG binds with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This means CBG has better possible efficiency than many other cannabinoids. There are studies being done on its possible stress-relieving and pain-reducing benefits. 

The Companionship Between CBD and CBG

CBD and CBG both offer the same remedial effects to their consumers. There are many properties of CBD better in comparison to CBG such as quantity. CBG also possesses properties that are not found in CBD such as binding with both receptors of ECS. By combining both, we can enjoy all the potential benefits that they offer mutually. The possible benefits gained from this synergic duo is known as the “entourage effect.”

There are still many studies being conducted on other cannabinoids and their potential benefits. To get find out more on CBD oils, edibles, coffee, or capsules get in touch with us. We are a leading provider of high-quality CBD products.