Unlike other recently discovered benefits of CBD oils, CBD’s wound healing properties are just as old as the cannabis plant itself. Cultivation of the first hemp plant took place almost 10,000 years ago in an ancient village in Taiwan. Since then, humans have been utilizing CBD for their wound healing and pain-relieving properties. By wound, we do not only mean the small and slight type, but also the chronic form of injuries; like rad burns. These wounds not only affect the body externally, but sometimes also cause permanent harm on the inside.

CBD aids the healing of many such wounds. As such, we have made our CBD products readily available. Let Smilz help take care of your hidden scars through our amazing list of CBD products and edibles.


Quickly Recover From Chronic Wounds With CBD

Chronic wounds tend to affect older adults more, ruthlessly damaging their health and quality of life. With the increase in age, their body’s ability to heal wounds reduces, and many health conditions such as diabetes, vascular diseases, and tumors come into the scene; which exposes elders to the additional threat of an increase in chronic wounds.

An anti-inflammatory compound of CBD is the center of much recent research, causing an increase in its studies. Many researchers are investigating its many therapeutic properties, namely, its potential to heal a large sum of chronic diseases and chronic wounds.

The result of a recently conducted study by Dr. Vincent Maida on thirty individuals resulted in a ninety percent success rate in healing chronic wounds. Twenty-seven out of thirty participants achieved the goal of curing the wounds that were untreatable by other medications. After studying the wound healing properties of cannabinoids for almost twenty years, he finally came across enough evidence showing the efficacy of CBD oils in wound healing. He stated that:

“My superintendent believed I was acting strange when I suggested cannabinoids as the treatment for chronic wounds. Ever since then, science has been closely following and authorizing all of my research.” 

He also stated that before holding the claim to the world’s first patent on TCBM he was considered a heretic. He mentioned: “When I advised on the use of CBD therapy to my patients for pain and wound healing, I was labeled as a heretic.” His achievements and challenges in the area of cannabinoids now show CBD as a safe therapy for wound healing. He also recalled: 

“I’m the first on record worldwide to start applying cannabis products to wounds to help with pain management, and now showing that it can heal the untreatable wounds in very elderly and sick patients; I’m healing wounds that otherwise people would be dying from or dying with. When I show the before and after pictures, people can’t believe that these results are real – but they are real!”


Smilz CBD In Action On Wound Healing:

Usually, when someone talks about wounds or bleeding, we automatically assume it to be on the surface of our skin, however, the wound spectrum is very extensive. Chronic wounds not only appear at the top of your skin, but they can appear anywhere on or in the body, whether it’s the cornea, or blood vessels, or any other internal organs such as the gut or kidney. Wherever there is a wound on your body, the healing process takes place there and Smilz CBD oils can help by helping speed up the healing process. The rate of healing depends on the type of wound and the how it appears. 

There are four stages of chronic wounds.

  • Homeostasis: This phase takes almost 3 days, and within these three days, the bleeding of the wound stops. 
  • Inflammation: This lasts for almost 17 days where the new framework for blood vessels takes place. Despite taking this long time, inflammation is still necessary for wound healing as it makes the healing process happen correctly.
  • Granulation: This is the stage of closing the wound which can take up to six weeks. 
  • Remodeling and Maturation: This stage strengthens the new cells. 

CBD oils specialized in healing internal or external wounds can decrease this long duration of healing by speeding up the process of Inflammation in most cases. 

Many chronic wounds are not caused by any external factors, but rather internal factors such as diabetes, PTSD and inflammatory bowel disease, etc. These chronic wounds might take place due to the dysfunction of our Endocannabinoid system. The significant deficiency of ECS has been noticed to be the reason behind the occurrence of such diseases. Elements such as THC and CBD in our CBD products help in regulating the ECS of our body. 

CBD also modulates our immune system by reducing macrophages. It decreases the pro-inflammation (TNF, IL1, IL6, COX2) and increases the anti-inflammation (IL4, IL10). 


CBD Products of Leading Industry, Smilz

CBD indeed can help in healing and curing the wounds, but the problem with the standard run of the mine brand persists. Many people start consuming CBD bought from any local shop, or produced by unnamed brands. This leads them to face more side effects of CBD oil rather than the benefits it offers. By putting your faith in a well-known company,  you assure yourself of better physical and mental wellbeing, but also help protect yourself from many drawbacks that come with low-quality products. The quality and taste of our CBD can be experienced through CBD capsules and CBD edibles. They are incomparable and unmatched, standing out as one of the best CBD product lines.

“People who are buying CBD on Amazon, or at their local health food store, are working without a safety net," Michael Blackes, author of Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana.

Save yourself the hassle and buy the best CBD products from Smilz today. We also advise you to always check the brand and authorization of the label you are buying from. You can guarantee the quality of our products by contacting us or asking us anything related to CBD or Smilz.  


A person being treated for a wound, with help from CBD oil
A person being treated for a wound, with help from CBD oil