CBD has come to be known as an efficient natural healing aid for many psychological and physiological ailments, so where does CBD water fit in the mix? Well, not all CBD products are worth your time and money. CBD water is water infused with CBD particles, and is available on market, typically at overpriced rates. It claims to aid in the same manner as other CBD products. But is that true? Does it work as efficiently as other CBD products? We will uncover the answers to these questions in this article. 

CBD water claims to treat chronic pains, anxiety, and sleep issues. These products are prepared with CBD isolate, which might be the only cause that attracts buyers. But in reality, most CBD water products are not as efficient as they claim. Some of these bottles have the minimum amount of CBD, or some might have no CBD at all. Be aware of what CBD product you choose because if you are looking for aid in many of your ailments,  you might want to think again. 


The Basic Issue With CBD Water: 

CBD water sounds like it could be one of the easiest ways to consume CBD, but does this form of CBD deserve the same fame as other CBD forms? We do not think so. 

There are the following issues that make CBD water less efficient than CBD capsulesCBD oil tinctures, or CBD gummies:

  • Air and light can easily degrade it. 
  • More expensive
  • Less efficient 
  • The minimum amount of CBD


Let us look further into these points to learn more about what CBD water does, and does not have for us.

Air And Light Easily Degrade It: 

CBD is an unpredictable compound that necessitates thorough planning and handling to maintain its therapeutic qualities. Any contact with heat and air can cause it to degrade, nullifying all potential health benefits it may have once contained. For CBD water to remain valid and healthy, it must be stored in a dark container or in darker storage. However, most CBD water is kept on grocery store shelves in clear containers under bright lights for weeks, or even months. This exposure can cause the breakdown of CBD compounds in water. 

Heat or cold has no impact, but air access can result in massive CBD content losses. It means the small proportion of CBD which the bottle contains, begins to break down as soon as you open it. There are only a few studies on CBD water, the result of these researches indicates that CBD water doesn't contain as many medical effects as it claims. 

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More Expensive: 

CBD water is much more expensive and less healthy than regular water. It is also remarkably more expensive than other CBD products like CBD gummies, vapors, tinctures, coffee, and creams. Even when you try to buy a large stock to save some money, it still costs considerably more than other CBD products. 

Less Efficient: 

Not only is it more expensive than other CBD, but it also is less efficient in providing potential health benefits. Other CBD products like gummies and capsules have a proper amount of CBD compounds mixed with other beneficial ingredients or other hemp compounds. This way, these products provide almost all potential medical aids. However, CBD water only contains a small content of one hemp compound; CBD. No other compound or ingredient is mixed in it.

The Minimum Amount Of CBD

We have already discussed how CBD water has only one compound. The manufacturers of CBD water explain the reason behind it as Nano CBD. It means that CBD compounds are broken down into smaller elements to make them dissolvable in water. It also might increase the bioavailability of CBD, but researchers are yet to prove that. 


Does Smilz Offer CBD Water Products? 

No! Smilz doesn’t offer any such product. We prioritize the health and satisfaction of our customers. Hence, we avoid producing any products which might not be able to help aid our customers. CBD water is the least reliable way to consume CBD, so we do not manufacture any such product. However, you can find other CBD forms on our shelves. CBD oil, gummies, capsules, and coffee are available, and these forms can be much more helpful in providing health benefits. 

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Alternatives Of CBD Water: 

CBD Oil Tinctures: 

CBD oil tinctures contain the most amount of CBD extract. Smilz CBD tinctures are 1000mg/g, which means you can gain the most possible health benefits through this means in the least amount of time. The way of consuming CBD oil through tinctures is also very convenient. Just place a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, and hold it there for a few seconds. This way, CBD enters the bloodstream directly from the membrane under the tongue. This method is called sublingual administration and is said to be the most common method of consumption. Besides the sublingual method, you can also add a few drops of CBD to your food or any other drink. This way, you might decrease the potency, but the health benefits of oil remain the same. 

CBD Oil Gummies: 

CBD-infused gummies are made with many tasteful ingredients and natural and artificial flavors. You can chew on them at any time or any place. CBD gummies are low in potency, which means they are a little time consuming to start working, but they can help provide equal health benefits as any other form. 

CBD Capsules: 

After swallowing CBD capsules, they enter the digestive system. The digestive system breaks down the compound of CBD and allows it to enter the blood flow. CBD takes a little longer to start working in this method.

CBD Coffee: 

For a fresh and active start in the morning, try adding CBD isolate Colombian coffee to your daily routine. Smilz CBD coffee is made with pure CBD compound, which means it is free from any psychoactive effect that THC might provide. 


Final Thoughts: If you are considering CBD to help aid your mental or physical ailment, CBD water might not be the best option for you. CBD water is more costly and less efficient than other CBD products such as gummies, vapors, coffees, and capsules. Try these alternatives instead of CBD water. 

Confused still? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.