The CBD industry is now flooded with labels, goods, and cutting-edge production methods that you may not have known of before. Although this is thrilling for some, it may also lead to a great deal of uncertainty: how do you tell whether what you are purchasing is of high quality, and does the quality matter?

Yes! The quality matters, the ingredients matter, and the price also matters. People buy CBD products to heal many ailments, but it is useless if the expensive product you have bought contains undesired ingredients, and is of low quality. This way, you might only be wasting your money on poor-quality products. Smilz brings you the ways to know how you can differentiate between high-quality and low-quality products. We will also discuss why quality matters.


Hemp vs Marijuana:

The first and foremost thing to understand before purchasing CBD oil is its origin. The officials have only permitted the cultivation and production of industrial hemp as it contains a low concentration of THC. Cannabis generates a wide variety of substances, such as THC, which is found in weed. Hemp, on the other hand, does not contain sufficient THC to cause intoxication.

Since hemp does not contain considerable amounts of THC, it can create significant levels of the non addictive compound like cannabidiol (CBD). Indeed, hemp-derived Cannabidiol is quickly gaining popularity in the market. If you want to make sure that you purchase high-quality legal CBD products, try checking the origin of the oil. If the company or label doesn’t mention if the CBD is extracted from hemp or marijuana try avoiding that product. The beneficial effects of marijuana and hemp are almost the same, the only difference that they share is the ability to produce a “high.” This matters a lot when consuming CBD products.



While high-quality CBD oil begins with high-quality hemp extraction, additional elements are also important. Essential oils, additional flavors, and other elements are among them. Here is how to choose CBD products that contain the right ingredients.

The extra ingredients that go into cannabidiol might create the fine line between a fantastic item and a mediocre one.

Examining the description of the content is one technique to aid in the selection of CBD oil. It leads us to a simple guideline that we believe all CBD consumers should pursue: if the ingredients in a CBD item are difficult to uncover, select alternative CBD medication to consume. Integrity is essential when it concerns Cannabidiol. There is nothing to conceal when it comes to a high-quality brand.


Hemp origin:

The location where your CBD medications are made matters a lot, both in respect to how hemp is grown and treated. Insecticides, fertilizers, and toxic substances are all dangerous chemicals that can degrade the content and efficacy of CBD extract. Buying CBD supplies from companies that do not mind where and how their CBD is derived can put you at risk.

Thankfully, Smilz invests a lot of effort into obtaining the Hemp extracts, so you can rest assured that our CBD oil products are of high value and healthy for you.


How to Recognize High-Quality CBD Oil?

When choosing CBD oil, always research how the components are cultivated and handled. Also, what other components are added to the finished item, and who distributes it. It is not sufficient to believe the statements on the bottle or be lured by the attractive presentation. Keep in mind that you should not judge a book by its cover.

Here are a few things that indicate that the CBD product is of high quality.

  • The product is manufactured from a U.S grown hemp plant- FDA has only allowed the consumption and production of hemp extracts that are grown and cultivated in U.S territory. The reason behind this is; the hemp plant grown in the U.S has a considerably low amount of the (0.3%), which means the products manufactured with these extractions are not psychoactive. However, we do not know much about hemp extractions outside America.
  • Third-party testing- is an easy way to know whether the product is reliable or not. The companies send their sample products to independent laboratories to test the action and no active ingredients in the oil. The third-party mentioned all the components found in the product on the certificate.
  • Return policy- is a great way to avoid low-quality products. The companies that are confident in their content and quality will always provide you with an option of the return policy.
  • Transparency: Always pick the manufacturer that discloses the ingredients and potency of the product on their labels. A trustworthy company would never hide any of these facts.


Why choose a high-quality product over low quality?

Isn’t the answer to this question already obvious? Because low-quality CBD products possess more side effects rather than potential benefits. Here are a few reasons to buy only the highest quality possible CBD oil.


Avoiding Side Effects:

When the CBD product is produced and manufactured using high-quality techniques and proper methods with the help of experts, there are fewer chances of metal and harmful chemicals becoming part of the product. You can avoid all harmful unwanted chemicals by choosing the right product for yourself and thus avoid the chances of facing any negative outcomes.


THC concentration:

Companies that do not pay much attention to the production of their products have more chances of possessing a larger content of CBD than it claims. There are chances that these poor-quality products might contain more THC that will cause mind-altering effects on you. There are also chances that these products do not contain any THC at all. It means the effects you are hoping for from the product might never appear.



The results of CBD oil mostly depend upon the absorption of the CBD content in the bloodstream. The better the bioavailability, the faster and efficient the results are. A high-quality product can guarantee you the fastest and efficient absorption of compounds in the blood.


Smilz CBD’s quality assurance:

At Smilz, we prioritize the purity of our CBD oil. Our customers may rest assured that they are receiving a safe and trustworthy quality.

When it refers to purchasing CBD online, we're dedicated to keeping our clients and others in the CBD business educated and protected. All of our CBD products are tested by third-party labs, and we are always pleased to respond to any problems! If you require any assistance, please contact us immediately.

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