Hemp has been used as a homeopathic alternative option to traditional pharmaceuticals for ages, and has been linked to many potential health benefits. With all of the health benefits so many people have received, it’s no wonder they started thinking about how CBD can help their furry loved ones too! With that knowledge, Smilz also decided it was important to make CBD available for our consumer’s pets as well!

CBD (cannabidiol) is among the several naturally occurring compounds discovered in cannabis. The hemp crop is a subspecies of the cannabis known as Sativa. The plant is used to extract more than 100 compounds, including THC and CBD. CBD oil products are manufactured by using a variety of these compounds. According to researchers, CBD connects with endocannabinoid sensors in the brain of people and animals that aid and regulate body equilibrium, and sustain it in a regular physiological condition. Pets also have ECS that regulate a broad variety of biological activities similar to human beings. Whenever these activities fall out of sync, the ECS responds with a physiological activity to restore normalcy. CBD is a commonly found non-toxic compound with a chemical composition identical to that of your furry companion's endocannabinoids. It can activate your pet's ECS, helping it maintain a healthy equilibrium of body activities.


Benefits Of CBD Products For Your Pet:

CBD pet oil, and other CBD pet products, can help with a variety of illnesses that your pet may experience regularly and/or on a long-term basis.



For so many pets, stress is a major issue. Whatever is triggering your pet's anxiety is having a detrimental influence on their standard of living. There are many reasons why your pet may feel nervous or stressed, like PTSD, separation anxiety, or fear of loud noises. To assist their pets, some pet parents have turned to CBD oil to aid their beloved four-legged children.


Upset Stomach:

Pets, like people, may suffer from sickness and disturbed stomach, which CBD can be especially effective in helping alleviate. CBD has been discovered to help pets in the same way that it does people. CBD generates signaling molecules that assist pets to establish equilibrium, and a positive feeling of calm by enhancing the ECS. CBD pet products for digestive issues are preferred by animal parents who wish to provide their beloved companions organic treatments rather than powerful drugs for indigestion illnesses. CBD can also be a great aid in reducing aches, and helping calm nerves.



Pets suffer from similar kinds of infections as humans, but animals are considerably less prepared to cope with these. Dermal infections in pets can manifest themselves in a variety of manners. You must pay attention to your pet's behavior and look for signs of excessive irritations. Ask your veterinarian about using CBD oil as the remedy. CBD oil can help relieve your pet from any skin irritation. It can also make their fur more shiny and thick.


Pain And Inflammation:

Your pet can, and does, feel pain just as we humans do. They can feel it, but it is difficult for them to express the pain. Instead, they may become lazy and avoid any physical activity. Try adding CBD oil to your pet’s meals and see the change in their health and body.


Signs Of Illness In Your Pet:

Pets are unable to communicate with humans when anything bothers them or does not seem right. However, their parents will likely notice if/when they start acting abnormally. But sometimes, even the owners are unable to tell what is bothering the pet. These are the red flags that can help you recognize any physical or mental ailment in your pets. After noticing any negative change, try calling the veterinarian asap.

  • Experts say that if an animal that vomits, particularly on multiple occasions in one day, is sluggish, and has lost its hunger,  it needs immediate medical attention.
  • A loss of hunger, notably if it lasts longer than one day, is a signal to take your dog or cat to the physician. However, this might not be the case with “picky eater” pets.
  • If your dog is restless and barks a lot when he sees you getting ready, it indicates he might be having separation anxiety. A fearful response to loud noises is also a sign of anxiety. Treat your dog with CBD after asking the vet in such cases.
  • If your pet is itching more than usual, has dark brown spots on its body, or is facing hair loss, it likely means he might have some severe skin conditions. CBD can be a great help in treating these infections.


How To Give CBD To Your Pets For The First Time?

The problem that owners face before providing their pet with CBD is how to introduce the CBD to their dogs for the first time? It is a common problem, and we have a solution for that. The first thing to keep in mind is the flavor of CBD products. If you are planning to administer human CBD oil to your pet, you must make sure that the flavor you are picking is suitable for their taste. 

Secondly, the dosage. The highest dosing range for CBD oil advised is roughly 1 mg/kg per day ingestion. However, you should begin with a considerably lower proportion of this amount, such as 0.05 mg/kg per day. Pay close attention to any changes or signs of side effects in your pet. If your pet seems fine with the intake, then gradually increase the dosage.

Make an appointment with your veterinarian. Although studies on CBD's use in dogs remains underway, several veterinarians are increasingly prescribing it.

CBD Tinctures:

You can add a few drops of Smilz CBD oil to your pet’s regular meal. Just ensure that you induce a very small dosage, and choose the product with low potency and no THC in it.


Last Word Of Advice:

Always ask your pet’s veterinarian before starting anything new. Also, avoid using any full-spectrum CBD products on your pet, as experts claim that it is not healthy for animals. In case you think the CBD might cause mind-altering effects on your pet, rest assured. CBD does not generally have any psychoactive properties, especially if you go with pure CBD products for your pet, and should not have any mind-altering reactions. However, always be advised that it may be a possibility depending on the type/brand of CBD used. 

For more details, please reach us or take a look at our CBD product list.


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