Nature has offered us an herbal ally in the form of hemp that stands by us in our health journey. There are over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, along with CBD and THC. These cannabinoids provide us with certain elements that allow us to help naturally heal many mental and physical ailments.

Smilz holds a positive reputation for providing its consumers the best quality of these cannabinoids. However, sometimes it can be confusing to know which is which and which is right for you, due to a large number of CBD products in many forms. How can you make an informed choice from two CBD Products that come in different forms but contain the same concentrations? How does their method of delivery affect the value being delivered?

If all products have the same effect and result, why bother dividing them into different types? 

There is no doubt that all of our CBD products are designed to target the same goal, but sometimes the results are affected by many variables such as dosage, potency, consistency, and vulnerability. 

All human beings are different and unique in their way. In the same way, our preferences also vary from each other. Some prefer quick results, while others prefer the easiest way of consumption. Smilz, by keeping all the differences in view, offers a long list of different CBD products. These products are designed differently to satisfy the contrasting demands of its consumer. All Smilz CBD products efficiently fulfill the desired requirements through many variants and fun means. The two most common and convenient forms of Smilz CBD are CBD oil tinctures and CBD gummies.


Are Smilz CBD Oil and CBD Gummies the Same Thing? 


Although they have many similarities, still, they are different forms of CBD. They share the same benefits and same origin, so, what is it that makes them different from each other? 


First of all, it’s the way they are prepared. The CBD oil is full-spectrum hemp oil that is, after extraction, mixed with various oils such as MCT oil. MCT oil is considered a good energy source and aids in weight loss. Natural flavors are then added to our CBD oil to create the final version. 

On the other hand, the recipe for Smilz CBD gummies has consisted of a long list of healthy and beneficial ingredients. The content includes corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, citric acid pectin, vegetable oil, and carnauba leaf wax. These ingredients are mixed well with CBD hemp extracts. Natural and artificial flavors are also added to this mixture that provides you with the flavorsome experience of CBD. 


CBD oil and CBD gummies also vary in potencies. Smilz CBD oil tinctures have a strength of 1000mg/g. While all Smilz CBD gummies contain a total strength of less than 6mg/g. 


Another thing that creates a difference between these two CBD products is their taste. We have already observed the dissimilarity in their ingredients, which makes the taste difference more obvious. Smilz CBD oil is 100% natural and provides the earthly flavor that appeals to you. If you don’t care about taste or flavor in your dosage, CBD oil tinctures might be the best choice for you. The purity of CBD oil tinctures provide you with the sense and touch of nature. Smilz CBD gummies, on the other hand, are consisted of many different flavorsome ingredients and artificial flavors. The richness of flavor and taste makes them more delicious and desired.

These qualities of CBD gummies make them more suitable for beginners. If you are new to CBD and prefer the easiest and tasty way to consume CBD, try one of our flavored CBD gummies.


The most obvious and major difference between the CBD oil tinctures and CBD gummies is the way they are consumed. CBD oil is consumed sublingually while the gummies are chewed up. The CBD oil tincture allows you to place a few drops of CBD oil under your mouth and hold them there before swallowing. Through the tissues under the tongue, it enters the bloodstream and causes direct and early effects. 

Gummies are, however, chewed and eaten like any other food item. After gulping it down, it enters the digestive system and enters the bloodstream from there. Thus, the time required for the results of CBD gummies is much longer than oil.


Do They Both Provide the Same Benefits? 


Nevertheless, of the differences, both Smilz CBD oil and gummies were designed to serve the same purpose. Both of these bring calmness and soothe your daily stressful days. They both might provide aid in anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Many pieces of research have proved their role in helping the body to heal naturally.

Benefits Of Smilz CBD Oil Tinctures: 

Smilz CBD oil tinctures are the fastest way of consuming CBD. The CBD and THC present in our CBD oil provides their natural healing services to your mind and body. The effects of CBD are quick and long-lasting as it is absorbed in our bloodstream directly. Many studies have also shown their helping role in some serious physical ailments such as post-cancer symptoms and epilepsy.

Benefits of Smilz CBD Gummies:

CBD gummies are winning the spotlight in the market as they are suitable for almost every consumer. CBD gummies come in different flavors and shapes which makes consumption more fun. CBD gummies are the best way to start a productive day. Their results might be slow but, they provide you with the energy your body needs to deal with the stress and anxiety. A little flavored gummy at night helps you relax and assists you in sleeping better.

Contact us to know more about Smilz CBD oil and Smilz CBD gummies. Check out more CBD products such as Full-spectrum CBD soft gels and CBD-isolate Colombian coffee offered by Smilz that are all third-party tested and provides you with potential health benefits.