CBD oil has started to become a staple supplement for fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Although it has become common to see gym goers use CBD oils, some still don't know whether it’s best to use it before or after a workout session. The best-suited answer is that it depends on the type of CBD product, and its onset of biochemical action. In this article, you'll get to know what CBD oil is, and things to consider before using it, and whether it is better to consume pre or post-workout.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a short form of Cannabidiol and thus, CBD oil simply means Cannabidiol oil. It is extracted from cannabis plants (such as marijuana) through a pharmacological process.  Scientific researchers and nutritionists recommend CBD oil as it has been linked to help ease the symptoms of acne, anxiety, and depression: just to name a few health benefits. Additionally, it relieves inflammation and pain from DOMS (delay onset of muscle soreness). This last point is what makes CBD oil a popular cannabis supplement for gym goers.

Things to Consider Before Using CBD Oil:

Now that we know some of the benefits of CBD oil, when is the best time to use CBD oil? The straightforward response would be that it depends on which CBD product is to your liking because different products take a different amount of time to take effect. For example, CBD edibles might take slightly longer to kick in compared to CDB drinks or vice versa.

There are a few things you should consider. First, certain CBD oil product brands are specific for a workout, while others are for other social and health purposes. Second, there are different forms in which you can take in CBD. They come in oils, capsules, topical lotions, edibles, and smoking or vaping packs. Your preferred option will determine the amount of time it will take before its effect kicks in.

For instance, smoking or vaping CBD takes less than 5 minutes to cause-effect, whereas tinctures and topical lotions get absorbed more slowly in about 30 minutes. The faster absorption time of smoking or vaping CBD oil can be used to your advantage to take the slower delivery routes! The main reason for considering your route of delivery of the supplement is to ensure that the CBD is at full potency at the time you take it to kickstart its maximal effect pre or post-workout. In that way, once you finish your gym workout, you will feel your joint movements are smooth and your body will be energetic rather than sore. 

You need to take into account the dosage or amount of CBD oil you will consume during workout sessions. Depending on their pain levels, levels of inflammation, and stress, many people usually consume within the range of 25mg to 250mg. The way to go about it is to start slow and at a low dose. If you discover your body needs are above that dosage level or that you've become acclimatized to that level, you can find an optimal dosage that works for you. You should follow the stepwise ‘ladder’ system recommended by your pharmacist or doctor. You will be happy that you did so and you will realize that it is safe to use. Another very important thing to consider is that if there is poor sleep, it will hinder your recovery from strenuous exercise whether you consume CBD products or not.

Pre-Workout Results: Pros

  • Serves as a sleeping aid: Sleep is one of the most important pre-workout routines that are pushed under the rug. Before workout sessions, taking in your CBD oil will help you get a good night's sleep a day before your gym day. Sports physiologists have stated that you must get enough sleep to get the most out of your exercise. A night of good sleep allows the body time to repair worn-out muscle tissues resulting from your previous workout session. This may help give you mental clarity, muscular agility, and coordination while exercising the next day.
  • Serves as an anxiolytic agent: CBD otherwise called Cannabidiol inhibits the release of stress hormones that implies that CBD supplements improve your mental and emotional health. Pro-athletes know that for your performance to be the best, you must not be unduly anxious and mentally dull. In a sport setting, anxiety and arousal can affect your emotional state and indirectly affect your body movements, coordination, and muscular tension. CBD oil can lessen your anxiety and stimulate your alert senses.

With that said, here are the best-suited delivery methods if you decide to take CBD oil before workout: 

  • CapsulesGummies, and other Edibles are perfect because their duration before the onset of action is long. Thus, these forms of CBD will start functioning best after you've completed a heavy lifting workout to help you recover fast from DOMS. Also, taking CBD through these forms will escape any sedative effects that would have caught up with you during your workout.
  • Tincture and topical work best as well in your pre-workout routine.

Post-workout Results: Pros 

  • Relieves muscle soreness: muscle soreness also scientifically known as delayed onset of muscle soreness; DOMS is one common phenomenon that happens to many gym-goers. This is especially seen in new fitness aspirants who are inexperienced in the efficient use of gym equipment. Some CBD oil brands are made primarily to solve this problem. So rather than feeling like a mechanic hit you with a big spanner, you'll be feeling refreshed post-workout when you take CBD Oil.
  • Promotes smooth joint movements: Recent studies show that CBD promotes mobility in people with Multiple Sclerosis. And why is that? The biochemical compound Cannabidiol enhances joint movements, improving its functionality and anti-inflammatory reactions on the joint capsule. Once you take in CBD oil, you may experience smoother joint movements which compliments its relief of muscle soreness.
  • Activates reward centers in the brain: Anandamide is a compound produced by the body and released in the brain after a workout. Scientists claim that it acts in a way to activate the same centers in the brain that give satisfactory reward from a good deed. This is observed to extend runners “high” and produce a bliss feeling post-workout.

If you use a CBD vape immediately after a session, the onset of the oil’s effect will aid your recovery from muscle wear and tear. Directly applying CBD creams on the sore areas will act faster and more efficiently.


The World Health Organization reported, "In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…. To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD." The only real drawback for CBD is its questionable legality in several countries (Grinspoon, 2020). While it is legal in the United Kingdom and Canada, there are still countries that have banned the use of CBD. Three states in the United States of America have still not made CBD legal despite overwhelming evidence that it is beneficial rather than harmful.”

Concluding Thoughts: 

The ability of the constituent of CBD oil to relieve pain and inflammation makes CBD the perfect tool for people who wish to maximize their workouts. CBD formulas and pack sizes vary greatly from brand to brand and sometimes users provide conflicting results after consumption. The decision to use CBD oil is personal and depends on the route of consumption that you prefer.

Several studies have clearly shown CBD to be an effective and safe method to minimize or eliminate pain and inflammation after a tough (or what some might consider being great) workout. Moreover, the method that you choose; pre-workout or post-workout, will dictate when you use this cannabinoid.

You can utilize CBD cream in areas affected for specific pain or inflammation. However, to optimize your results and fast-track your Endocannabinoid system, it would be beneficial to use more than one product. You can discover more CBD products over here.


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