CBD, a non-psychotic molecule, is recognized to help promote many different health benefits; namely soreness and swelling alleviation, as well as stress treatment. Smilz CBD can function for numerous hours after an initial intake, and the CBD can stay in the system for weeks. The duration of CBD benefits is determined by several variables, such as the user's physiology and whether or not they consume CBD daily.

CBD oil can potentially be detected in a blood sample for hours, or for days. But, since there is no actual market for screening, studies on how prolonged CBD oil lingers in the body are minimal. In this article, we discuss how long CBD can stay in your system, and what factors affect it?

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Benefits Of CBD

CBD has been linked with helping alleviate tension, anxiety, and PTSD. It has also been advertised to help alleviate pain. CBD's fame stems from the fact that it is "non psychoactive," meaning that users can enjoy the chemical's therapeutic advantages without getting intoxicated. (Although this is how it is advertised, be advised that there is still a slight chance of intoxication.) Cannabis plants are sprouting up all over the country and CBD seems to be everywhere, ranging from tinctures and inhalers to candies and pills. However, all the benefits that CBD provides also depends on the factor of duration in your system. The longer the CBD remains in the blood, the more beneficial the effects are said to be. 

To understand more about CBD and its interaction with the body and the brain, it is necessary to learn how it works in the body. CBD and its compounds act upon the receptors of the Endocannabinoid system and hence improve the overall quality of life and health. 


What Is The Endocannabinoid System? 

Endocannabinoids and their sensors can be located in the CNS tissues, internal organs, immune cells, and many other areas of the body. The endocannabinoid network has distinct functions in various tissues, but the end aim is generally identical; equilibrium. Maintaining a constant physiological state amid exogenous disturbance. Cannabinoids help to maintain balance at all levels of human existence. Not only does it exist in humans, but also in animals. 

With its intricate activities in our neurological structure, the endocannabinoid system is essentially a link connecting the body and the brain. Cannabinoids affect an individual's interaction with the outside world in contrast to maintaining our physiological and biological balance.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System? 

Many factors evaluate how long CBD and its compounds stay in your blood and system. These factors are not the same for everyone, as all human beings are different from each other and everybody has a different reaction to the compounds. Some of the most relevant factors are: 

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The main factor that causes the prolongation of CBD is the amount of intake. Experts recommend a low to normal dosage for the ideal benefits, and to avoid unwanted side effects. However, the low dosage might not allow the CBD to stay in your system for long. According to some claims, a high dosage of CBD, or a higher potency product, might be a reason for the CBD elements to remain in the blood flow and keep providing the potential benefits. There is no scientific study conducted on this regard to prove this claim. 

Physical Structure: 

A persons’ physique also plays a major role in how long a substance stays in the body. The physical factors include metabolism, weight, age, and height. The CBD effects prominently depend on the person’s metabolism. If one has a fast metabolic rate the CBD might get flushed out of the body faster.


When CBD is mixed with a meal or any drink, it appears to stay in the body longer. When people consume CBD on an empty stomach the compounds of CBD get consumed faster, and the body eliminates the compounds as soon as they are ingested.

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How Often Do You Take It: 

People who consume CBD more often seem to gain more beneficial effects of CBD, as CBD oil and its healthy compounds stay in their bodies for longer. When people consume CBD regularly, CBD starts to build up in their bodies over time. This way the CBD stays in the system for longer. It is also the reason why experts advise us to consume CBD for almost a week to enjoy its potential health effects. 


Method Of Intake: 

CBD products are available in many different shapes on the market. All of these shapes have the same goal of providing health benefits, yet they all differ from each other. All forms of CBD products have different administration methods, different dosages, different intake, and also different periods of staying in one's system. 

  • Tinctures: 

CBD oil tinctures are proven to be the most efficient and effective. The tinctures are consumed sublingually, which makes them last longer than other products. After placing a few drops of CBD oil and holding them under your tongue, you wait for a few seconds before swallowing. CBD oil enters the blood flow directly through the tissues under the tongue. This way no element of CBD compound is broken down or wasted, and it remains in the blood for a longer period. 

  • Capsules and Pills: 

capsules are consumed orally and they enter the blood flow through the digestive system. The digestive system breaks down the elements of CBD, and might also waste some useful compounds during digestion. This method takes time to show its effects, and also the effects usually do not last as long. 

  • Vapes

Vaping means inhaling the substance through smoke or vapors. Vaping can cause CBD particles to directly enter the bloodstream. However, these particles also leave the body quickly. This means the CBD will not last as long in your system. 

  • Gummies: 

CBD gummies might be the tastiest and easiest consumption of CBD. But, this method is less efficient as compared to oil, vapes, and capsules. The effects of CBD gummies are slower and the CBD doesn’t stay long in the system. 


How Long Does CBD Remain In Urine?

There is no proper study conducted on how long CBD will remain in urine, or whether the urine drug test will come out positive. In one pilot research, researchers gave CBD to the subject and tested the urine after 24 hours. It showed no traces of CBD at that time. 

How Long Does CBD Remain In Saliva? 

Many experts claim that the CBD compounds can remain in saliva for almost 36 hours. This assumption also depends largely on dosage, form, and frequency of intake. If the person is a regular CBD consumer, then the CBD might stay in the saliva for more than 36 hours. 



If you have to come across a drug test or urine test frequently in your life, then you should most likely avoid consuming THC products. The drug screenings are designed to capture any THC component, and they might cause you to fail the drug test. Try using pure CBD or broad-spectrum CBD products to avoid the presence of THC in your system. 

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