We take care of our body and mind and try to prevent illness as efficiently as we can, but how many of us realize that our pets also require this kind of care? We can’t account for other product manufacturers but Smilz takes the wellbeing of your pet as seriously as yours. Our CBD oil products are pet-friendly and can provide immense health benefits to your little furry friend. 

What is CBD? 

CBD is a cannabinoid produced by the species of the cannabis plant; Hemp. It is extracted and mixed with other oils to make CBD oil that is used in treating many mental and physical diseases. In this article, we will highlight the fact that CBD is not only beneficial for humankind but also for pets.

Just like us human beings, animals also suffer from fatigue, sluggishness, physical pains, and many other physical or mental disorders. Ongoing research has confirmed the ability and worth of CBD oil for dogs, horses, and cats. Let us take a look at the benefits it offers to the pet owners for the wellbeing of their little friends. 

Smilz CBD for Your Pet

Endocannabinoid System (ECS) has proved to be necessary for regulating one’s homeostasis. Homeostasis means the ability of the body to uphold the steadiness of various internal factors like temperature, water level, blood pressure, and blood glucose.

This system is not only regulated in humans but also in other mammals. This is why animals can also benefit from the vast antitoxic qualities of CBD oil. The amount of consumption differs from what is suitable for us humans.

The dosage also depends on the disease your pet is suffering from and the size of the animal. Before giving the dose of CBD oil to your pet, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian so they accurately dose your pet.  

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Best CBD For Dogs

Many forms of research conducted on dogs have provided evidence of its positive effects on the well-being of many dogs. The clinical studies have shown the effects of CBD oils in treating the seizures episodes in epilepsy in dogsOsteoarthritis is also a common condition in dogs that can be treated with the help of CBD Oils.

Our CBD oil contains pain relief and anti-stress features that help in improving your pet’s quality of life. It helps them against many physical challenges like fatigue, tiredness, and muscle pain without any psychoactive reaction. 

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Smilz CBD is Super friendly for Cats also

Smilz CBD helps in treating similar problems in cats. As the cats grow old they become more inactive and slow. They mostly spend their time sleeping and avoiding any physical activity. These are the common behaviors that indicate the mental distress they are going through.

At this time CBD oils are recommended as they provide aid in getting rid of feelings of tiredness. CBD oil can provide your pet with high energy levels and also slows down the process of aging by increasing the activity level. We advise you to use the full spectrum CBD oils manufactured by Smilz not just for yourself but also for your pets.

Get Your Horses the Best CBD

CBD provides the same result to any pet or animal as it provides to humans. It depends on the amount of intake and the recommendation of your vet. Large-sized animals such as horses require a high dosage of CBD oil for it to work properly. Smilz CBD oils help in the prevention of seizures, infections, and anxiety in horses and other large animals. 

For further precautions contact your nearby veterinarian or contact us to make your inquiries.