Why do people take CBD? Many reasons are cited by consumers in consumer surveys. Polls indicate that physical discomfort and stress are the most common health issues. CBD for sleep is also frequently mentioned on these lists.


Athletes are among the most valuable resources for bringing up the topic of CBD and sleep. Sports stars include golfers, mixed martial arts greats, bodybuilders, and motorsports stars who have discussed the connection between CBD oil and athletic recovery.


The benefits of CBD for athletes' recovery extend far beyond professional sports. Americans suffer from sleep issues more than any other health issue. In particular, 83.6 million Americans sleep less than seven hours a night.


Although this article discusses the benefits of CBD for athletes and how they use it for sleep, it's essential to understand that their needs aren't that different from yours. Athletes endure physical and mental strain while performing at extremely high levels, making the CBD products they use a good fit to support a healthy lifestyle.


This article will help you learn the following:


  • Challenges athletes face, both physically and mentally
  • The importance of sleep for athletes
  • The benefits of CBD for athletes and the ways it supports good sleep
  • How CBD fits into athletes' bedtime routines 
  • What It's Like to Be an Athlete


Recently, CBD has gained a lot of attention among athletes. Companies like Smilz are working with more and more professional athletes. One of the reasons CBD is such a hot topic for athletes is its ability to promote sleep - an essential component of recovery. To fully understand how CBD can help athletes and why sleep is so important to them, we must gain a deeper understanding of their lives.


We need to cover three main topics:


  • The physical toll that sports have on the human body
  • Mental stress endured by professional athletes
  • Experts point to sleep as the key to performance enhancement


Athletes are often portrayed as part-time jobs when we think of their profession. In most leagues, players only play one to four games a week, and each game lasts only two to three hours.


That's great, isn't it? Please think again.


NFL teams, for instance, play only one game per week. However, they are often required to work up to 12 hours a day, five to six days a week, for nearly six months of the year. Every week, team trainers conduct sessions with players, organize workouts, and run live practices.


Moreover, football players who become overweight are often fined.


A lack of rigorous work would result in all teams ending up like the Dallas Cowboys - starting strong but eventually falling short down the stretch every year.


These players are not required to attend mandatory, organized team events during the offseason. However, they must maintain near-peak fitness levels. Additionally, injuries accumulated during the previous season can be repaired and healed with physical therapy or even surgery during the offseason.


Nevertheless, this cannot be accomplished without a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep. Because of its ability to support athletes at all levels, CBD is a leading choice for athletes.


There is a lot of pressure.


Athletes are also affected by stress. Pro athletes are subjected to intense scrutiny. The efforts of one player can have a significant impact on a team sport. All it takes is for one crucial error to occur, whether mental or physical, for everyone to share their opinion - from the franchise owner to Armchair General Manager Jack Blogger.


  • On top of that, a player's performance on the field and at press conferences affects their day-to-day lives. 
  • A good night's sleep resets the brain after stressful situations. It is difficult to get a good night's sleep with all these things on your mind.
  • CBD may reduce anxiety, which makes it a helpful sleep aid. The CBD helps keep the sleep pattern regular and healthy.


Athletes Should Prioritize Sleep, Experts Say


We need to know why athletes value sleep before analyzing how CBD oil helps them sleep.


As a professional athlete, your waking hours are strenuous and tedious. Daily workouts, prescribed diets, and precise supplements are all part of the plan. Practices also tend to be repetitive. Many athletes also serve as caregivers and parents. Since amateur athletes often do not earn a living from their chosen sport, they may juggle multiple responsibilities.


During the life of an athlete, training routines and nutritional advice play a significant role, but sleeping well is equally important. They wouldn't be able to perform well without it.


The National Sleep Foundation explains that physical activity can stress the body's nervous system and muscles. Mental fatigue is also a possibility. During sleep, you recover from such strains. The organization makes it clear: more exercise means more sleep. 


According to Fatigue Science, sleep is the most effective performance enhancer in the world, a company that consults with NBA, NHL, and NFL franchises. Researchers reported that sleep loss of two to four hours for two weeks is similar to 24 to 48 hours of sleep deprivation.


As sleep is so important to athletes, CBD benefits them in terms of improved sleep.


An athlete's nightly routine.


To date, we have covered a few key points about how athletes live and why they are so important.


  • Athletes put their bodies under a lot of physical stress during training.
  • Stress is a significant issue for professional athletes
  • The key to recovery and performance is getting enough sleep
  • Pro athletes should be followed when it comes to health and fitness. Performing at their best is vital to their livelihoods. However, most people concentrate on their workout techniques, supplements, and diets.


They rarely pay enough attention to their sleep habits and the tools they use to achieve them. In recent years, CBD is being used for athletes' sleep and to support quality rest. Although, you can learn a lot from how they use CBD and how they go about their evening routines. 


To understand how CBD may help athletes with sleep, we need to look at how they create healthy routines for themselves. CBD isn't a panacea for irregular sleep. Instead, it's intended to complement smart sleep hygiene rituals.


Athletes' Sleep Hygiene.


Many professionals schedule their evening routines in the same way they do their diets and training practices. They often avoid even mild stimulants like caffeine before bed and schedule their final meal or snack several hours before bedtime.


It's not uncommon for athletes to set regular bedtimes, even when they're on vacation. Routine is essential to the human body, especially when it comes to crucial functions such as sleeping.


Furthermore, athletes establish clear boundaries between waking hours and sleeping hours. Typical practices include setting their thermostats to a lower temperature in the evening and utilizing their bedrooms only for sleeping, dressing up, and having sex. In other words, you won't find them watching television, using mobile devices, or working (such as reviewing playbooks) in the same room where you sleep. 


These methods provide a useful buffer between waking and sleeping. In addition, athletes utilize 30- to 60-minute wind-down periods before bed, during which they stretch, meditate, brush their teeth and do other relaxing activities in low light.


CBD for Sleep: What top athletes have to say.


The CBD for athletes concerning sleep has not been peer-reviewed. CBD also cannot serve as a panacea for sleeping problems or any other health problem. The benefits of CBD for athletes are gaining attention, but the effects of CBD on sleep need further investigation, agrees with the experts.


However, many retired and active professional athletes report positive results.


Athletes often refer to CBD as a possible remedy for sore muscles and joints when discussing CBD and athletic recovery.


In addition, CBD may help you sleep better, especially if you feel stressed before bed. It's up to athletes to find CBD brands tailored to their needs or brands that cater to their specific needs. For example, most athletes prefer CBD products that are THC-free.


Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson is one of the first and most influential competitors to speak freely about CBD in professional sports.


With age, Watson has found CBD helpful for sleep and recovery. "I'm getting older... Just because I need support for my game and my life," he told The Street when asked about why CBD became a part of his life. The best sleep was [something] that I wanted to accomplish in an environment where I had a seven-year-old and a four-year-old and played golf all day."


"I'm trying to get my body right. I'm also looking to get some energy fast." he continued.


Leah Pruett

A professional drag racing champion like Leah Pruett is fairly new to the idea of CBD supplementation for athletes. Self-care has become a priority for her, thanks to CBD products.


For Pruett, who runs "with both ends of the candlelit," relaxing or getting enough sleep hasn't always been important. CBD products enabled me to embrace those things, and I'm grateful for them." 


Chael Sonnen

An accomplished mixed martial artist, Chael Sonnen is a veteran who has competed in some of the top promotions in the world. His current job is to be a commentator, but he stays in peak shape as much as possible.


CBD is an integral part of his sleep and recovery schedule, he said. 


Athletes and CBD: The Products They Prefer.


We know these things:


  • Stress on the mind and body of athletes is significant.
  • They need more sleep as a result.
  • A CBD product may promote better sleep to support recovery.
  • Professional athletes have been speaking out about how and why they use CBD.


What are their favorite products?


The majority of professional athletes prefer to avoid THC, as stated above. This is because it can trigger a positive marijuana test. These products, such as those made by Smilz, fit the bill.


However, Smilz isn't a company that specializes in making CBD for athletes. Their products are equally valuable and useful to non-athletes who want to experience CBD's many wellness benefits, like better sleep.


Sleeping with CBD oil.


Sporters who want to maintain healthy sleep routines can benefit most from Smilz CBD oil. The relaxation properties of CBD are well known. 


You can add Smilz CBD to your evening routine with softgel capsules. Due to their long digestion time, capsules need to be taken about an hour before bed. 


There is a bit more work involved with Smilz tinctures. Under your tongue, you must squeeze a serving size, hold it for 30 to 60 seconds, then swallow it. This approach allows CBD to absorb through the tongue's mucous membrane. This improves the interaction between the compound and your system.


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