Many travelers who suffer from stress and insomnia have turned to CBD oil as a way to help them deal with certain anxieties. Others like to take CBD-infused moisturizers or cosmetic items with them on their journeys. Many people, however, are still concerned about whether or not their CBD will be accepted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Even though the TSA has lately relaxed its limits on CBD oil, the answer still relies on many factors, such as the amount of THC. To avoid any future problems during security checks, try carrying only high-quality and well-known CBD like Smilz. It can increase your chances of passing the airport security.

According to Carrie Harmon, a TSA representative, weed and other cannabinoid items, including cannabidiol (CBD) oil, are still prohibited by federal law and will not pass by government inspection. The Farm Bill of 2018 makes CBD products manufactured from cannabis that has less than 0.3 percent THC lawful. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that gives you a buzz.


Benefits of CBD oil for travelers:

Before traveling, many stressful questions pass our minds. Some individuals enjoy traveling, but are afraid of heights and might suffer from pain, such as back pain, afterward. These issues limit them to travel by road, railway, or by other means. It is not a concern for some travelers. They embrace their boundaries and go where they want to go. Others hope they might conquer their fear of airplanes to expand their traveling opportunities. CBD oil is one of the best possible help for these people. With the help of a little hemp dose, they can possibly overcome the fear, fight the anxiety, and help deal with pain and jet lags. Here are some of the following benefits of taking CBD before or during flights:


The most basic requirement of traveling is a strong and active body. However, it often becomes difficult to sleep in an unknown place, especially when that place is in the middle of the clouds. The height, seat, noise, and presence of other people can make it hard for us to fall asleep peacefully. We waste our time being awake on the plane, forcing ourselves to relax, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Such situations may call for CBD. CBD oil acts upon our endocannabinoid system and makes our muscles and mind relax. This way, it becomes easier for us to sleep without any intoxicating effects.


Traveling anxiety, general anxiety, fear of heights, many other reasons can become a barrier between you and a great adventure. CBD oil has anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects. It helps in eliminating fear and makes you more relaxed and prepared for the adventure ahead.

Pain relief:

After a long flight, many of us experience pain in the muscles or joints. It is honestly not a good sign for a traveler. A tired body is no way to achieve traveling goals. However, CBD oil can help you release the pain and inflammation quite efficiently. You can continue your trip after a few drops of CBD oil or maybe a few CBD gummies.


Can you fly with CBD in the U.S?

If you consume CBD daily and are planning a trip, you will want to check if you can travel with it. Great news: the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has previously stated that traveling with CBD oil is acceptable. Yes! You can take your favorite CBD with you during the flight.

Let us hear it from TSA itself:

“Marijuana and certain cannabis-infused products, including some Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, remain illegal under federal law except for products that contain no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis or that are approved by FDA.”

It means Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) must be lower than 0.3 percent in cannabidiol (CBD) oil, especially the full-spectrum cannabis oil items. THC is the ingredient in cannabis that makes you feel psychoactive. Any concentration below 0.3 percent is considered insufficient for a human to experience any mind-altering feeling. 


Traveling outside of the United States: 

Sadly, there is a great deal of confusion in the worldwide CBD norms and laws. As a result, if you plan to fly overseas with Cannabis oil, you must first understand the legislation of the host state. Nevertheless, it is often a good idea to be very careful and avoid everything containing cannabinoids during International travel. 


Flying With CBD: Some Specific suggestions 


Air transport necessitates extra cautious preparations than other forms of travel mainly because of the security requirements that we must all observe during flying. You will like to look at pre-flight tips before starting your journey with CBD oil. Here are the dos and don'ts of flying with CBD oil products. 

  • Hemp flower is identical to marijuana flower. Hence it should be avoided at all costs when traveling. Try only traveling with products, not with the flower or raw extracts. 
  • Search for the rules and regulations of traveling with the TSA. Avoid any violation of these rules. 
  • Keep your CBD in the plastic bag if it is in the shape of a tincture or lotion. 
  • Do not include more than 3 oz of CBD oil in your luggage. 
  • Do not store your CBD in anything other than the original packaging. The packaging contains the name of the CBD company, the ingredients, and the THC level. It helps the security to verify the CBD product easily. If you pack your CBD oil in unlabeled self-made packages, you might make it hard for security as well as for yourself. 
  • Do you smoke or inhale CBD? Before putting it in your bag, double-check with your airlines to see whether you may bring vaporizers on a flight. 
  • As verification of your CBD's quality, acquire the Certificate of Analysis. Smilz makes things simple for you. You can find the COA on our official page.

If you are still not certain about what the laws are for traveling with or without CBD oil, just purchase it when you arrive at the destination. When you reach, do some research to determine where you can get high-quality CBD oil in your host location. You can also try ordering from Smilz, who would gladly bring you the benefits of CBD at your doorsteps. It will spare you energy and tension, enabling you to concentrate on the objective of your vacation. 

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