Psychedelics are also known as hallucinogens. These are a type of neurotoxic drug that alters perception, emotions, and psychological functions.

It is popular to combine cannabis and psychedelics. Some people believe the combination enhances the effects of the compound, while others believe it allows them to calm down.

But is it safe and beneficial? Or does it contain some harmful effects?

In this blog post, we will examine the connection between both cannabis and psychedelics.


What should you know before mixing CBD oil with psychedelics?

  • The effects are uncertain
  • Only individuals who have utilized and comprehended both compounds separately should consider combining them.
  • The timing contributes significantly to the result of the mixture.
  • Marijuana and hemp are not similar. Marijuana is psychoactive, whereas hemp has a more soothing impact


Is cannabis a hallucinogen?

Many individuals who have used both; psychedelics like bath salts or LSD and cannabis will believe that cannabis is not mainly psychedelic.


It does not cause psychosis or mood-altering effects, which many people regard to be the ultimate expression of the psychedelic encounter.


How do psychedelics work?

Hallucinogens function by enhancing, repressing, or modifying the activity of the brain's numerous receptors. The particular neurotransmitter systems they affect are linked to their structural features. It triggers the neurological conditions in the brain, resulting in psychotic episodes and other impacts like ecstasy.


Types of psychedelics:

There are three most commonly known types of psychedelics:


Lysergic acid Diethylamide collectively known as amino acid is a potent hallucinogen. Changes in feelings, emotions, and consciousness of one's immediate environment are common symptoms. Many people experience audio and visual hallucinations. Pupils dilated, elevated blood pressure, and a rise in body temperature are all common symptoms.

Psychedelic Mushrooms: Psilocybin and psilocin are the effective components in psychedelic mushrooms. There is a range of great types of magic mushrooms that consist of these components. The Psilocybe subspecies is by far the highest and most popular.

Mushrooms are typically hallucinogenic at concentrations of 2 grams or higher. The impacts are comparable to LSD but generate a significant body burden.



DMT has a very brief duration of action. When smoked, the overall journey lasts only 20 or 30 minutes. Only Ayahuasca takes at least a few hours.

Mescaline: Mescaline is the affective component in the cactus Peyote. Its results are nearly identical to LSD and magic mushrooms, but with a more arousing effect.


It is also known as a dirty drug. The CB1 endocannabinoid neurotransmitter is one of several neurotransmitters activated by ketamine. It is considered to be one of the main processes associated with its pain-relieving behavior.


Cannabis and psychedelic receptors:

Serotonin and endocannabinoid systems play important roles in homeostasis. They help to balance emotions, appetite, insomnia, brain function, and other bodily functions.


One of the ECS receptor types, CB1, constitutes heteromer structures with the 5HT2A receptors, according to a study released in 2015. It implies they often can combine to form a single "super-receptor" capable of performing tasks that no receptor can do alone. These heteromer structures have signaling pathways that can be occupied by both 5HT2A receptor agonists and CB1 receptor agonists.

5-HT3A is another serotonin receptor. Different from other serotonin receptor subtypes, it is not a G-protein paired binding site. 5-HT3A acts as an ion channel.

THC and CBD are both powerful 5-HT3A harmful receptor agonists. It signifies that THC and CBD engage with the 5-HT3A receptor in such a manner that the receptor's structure, or frame, modifies, making the receptor less probable to connect to and be triggered by its native receptor, serotonin.


Benefits and risks of combination:


Combining cannabis and psychedelics in any regard is entirely uncertain. It is dependent on your direct knowledge of individuals with both compounds, the intake you use, and the time of intake.

Marijuana can often make the journey quite dramatic, which can be either traumatic or pleasant. Occasionally marijuana does not affect at all, while other times, hemp or CBD make the process more relaxing and pleasurable. Hemp or CBD can often intensify the influence of psychedelics.


When combined with THC and CBD, the effect of the interaction is inclined to rise. It may relieve stress and paranoid delusions. It might also extend the period of experience. Throughout traumatic feelings, the negative emotions may be reduced.


Anxiety and paranoid delusions may be heightened, especially in large intakes. It can result in intense encounters that can be frightening.


Why blend these two compounds?

There are several reasons why someone might decide to blend marijuana or hemp with their psychedelics.


Smoother Landing:

Most individuals will utilize cannabis straight after the psychedelic drugs to enhance a “smoother landing" during the psychedelics wearing off. It can be a painful journey as the compounds lessen. You may be deeply introspective, nervous, or perplexed. Marijuana assists with all these impacts, but it can also bring you back to peak effects if taken too soon.


Nausea Relief with Cannabis:


Some stimulants, such as psychedelic mushrooms have a nauseous effect on consumers. Once the psychedelic symptoms start kicking in, even slight discomfort can feel exaggerated.

Drink lime juice, use the mushrooms as a tea, do not consume them on an upset or empty stomach, or take green tea together with the intake to alleviate vomiting.


Using Cannabis to Extend Psychedelic Effects

It is not a good idea to use marijuana to extend the impacts of psychedelics. With this blend, you are balancing an enjoyable experience and an uncomfortable experience with each other. Nonetheless, it is a standard procedure among psychonauts.

Using Hemp or CBD to Recover from a "Bad Trip"

Depressive moods are a psychedelic explorer's worst nightmare. Most psychedelic users have described such memories as difficult because most development and learning occur during these frightening or distressing situations. They are unpleasant and can be very threatening, but after this distressing feeling ends, the experience becomes pleasant.



Combining marijuana and psychedelics is popular, but it comes with its own set of concerns.

Although the mixture can be beneficial for some people, lowering stress, vomiting, and psychosis, it is not necessarily the scenario. The fact is that the results you will get when you combine the two are utterly unknown – everyone is unique. Individual genetic characteristics, your history with these medications, the amount you utilized, your environment, and other things can all influence how the combination feels.

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