Even though hemp has historically been regarded as a psychoactive substance, a growing amount of research reported in the medicinal field in previous years has suggested that the herb, or several of its components, may be helpful in the treatment of cigarette addictions. A new assessment, for example, lays out the information on the function of the endocannabinoid system in regulating addictive behavioral patterns, including the findings of few studies on the possible contribution of CBD oil in addressing nicotine dependence. Descriptive research has shown that CBD oil products can be used as a replacement for more harmful substances. Furthermore, a comprehensive assessment gathered relevant data on the potential qualities of premium CBD oil products as a treatment for addiction problems. We will take a look at such research that supports the best CBD oil treatments for quitting cigarettes, and how Smilz CBD products can be one of the high-quality products to aid in withdrawals symptoms.

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Withdrawal Symptoms And How CBD Aids In Them: 

Smoking withdrawal symptoms might appear as soon as one hour after you recently smoked cigarettes, depending on your degree of dependence. The intensity of your ailments will be influenced by variables, including how often you smoked cigarettes, as well as how many cigarettes you consumed every day. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include numbness in the legs and fingers, severe cigarette desires, diarrhea, headaches, gaining weight, fever, vomiting, and stomach cramps. In some severe cases, it might also include some psychological symptoms such as stress, restlessness, trouble focusing, depression. We will discuss a few of these symptoms below and how CBD oil helps in managing them. 


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  • Vomiting

Smoke-induced vomiting is a typical occurrence, which may indicate why many individuals who have an inherent severe sensitivity to nicotine never initiate cigarettes. Many researchers have stated that CBD might assist in sickness, experts also believe that THC, the major euphoric element of hemp, does the majority of the work whenever it relates to vomiting relief.

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  • Headaches

Headaches are the component of the discontinuation phase for many people attempting to stop smoking, providing an unpleasant and irritating signal that tobacco is exiting your system. CBD impacts particular neurotransmitters, which may help to reduce headaches. The endocannabinoid system, which controls pain across the system, includes these transmitters. 


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  • Sleep disturbances

Tobacco cessation frequently causes sleep difficulties. During this stage of quitting nicotine, fresh ex-smokers may sleep much more abnormally. Your mind may seem dizzy and sluggish as it adjusts to the lack of tobacco and other substances during the day. There are many CBD products designed to help aid sleep issues. One of them is Smilz CBD coffee. This pure CBD coffee can provide you with energy and a fresh mind. One cup in the morning is enough to eliminate the symptoms of slumber and fatigue. 


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  • Mental disturbances

From a psychological aspect, quitting nicotine causes you to confront the absence of smoke as support for coping with your emotions. Among the biggest challenging components of quitting cigarettes is facing psychological obstacles such as stress and depression. Certain clinical trials have shown that CBD oil may be used as a remedy for mental issues. It combines with the serotonin receptors in the brain to regulate our moods and emotions. By regulating the mood and emotions, it eventually helps us to alleviate stress and depression. Some research has also shown that CBD might aid in anxiety-related quitting cigarettes. 

CBD Aid In Quitting Cigarettes:

In 2013, a pilot study was conducted on smokers who wished to stop smoking. For 7 days, 24 people who smoke were randomly assigned to get either a CBD inhaler (n=12) or a fake inhaler (n=12), with the inhalation to be used whenever they sensed the need to smoke. There were no variations in the cigarettes smoked by sham consumers during the therapy period. Individuals who were given CBD, on the other hand, were able to cut down on their smoking habit by 40% throughout the intervention. The benefit appeared to last at least a year after the study ended. These initial reports imply that CBD could be a promising solution for cigarette smoking that requires additional investigation.

According to one research, regular cigarette consumers reported a reduction in the intensity of external triggers following one dosage of CBD medication. External triggers, such as watching others smoke, are known to promote depressive episodes in someone who has stopped cigarette consumption. Therefore, Cannabidiol could assist smokers to quit.

For the trial, 30 addicted nicotine users were brought into the laboratory after refraining from cigarettes for 12 hours and were administered CBD or placebo pills at different times. Individuals who were given CBD had less sensitivity to tobacco-related cues.

According to current research, individuals who consumed CBD reported reduced temptation to use nicotine. In this study, 30 smokers were given 800 mg of CBD following quitting for the nighttime. The individuals stated that observing other adults smoking gave them less comfort. To put it another way, the individuals found it simpler to disregard smoking triggers. 

Obstacles To Smoking Cessation: 

Upon asking, many individuals stated that they wanted to quit smoking but could not. They said that whenever they decide to quit, they come across many reasons and obstacles that urge them to try for one last time. The most frequently mentioned obstacle was stress. Many smokers start smoking due to work pressure, or stress from interpersonal relationships. They view cigarettes as the therapy for stress and anxiety. Once they start using it to treat stress, it becomes difficult to get away from it. After quitting, whenever the ex-smokers come upon any stressful event in life, they light a cigarette again to make themselves comfortable. Another barrier they mentioned was peer pressure, friends or colleagues often put pressure on them to smoke. So, many people might start smoking again to hang out with friends and to appear cool. 

External cues like watching other people smoke play a role of an obstacle. Many people feel an intense craving when they see other people smoke or smell the scent of cigarettes. 

Wrapping up: 

Cigarettes are a risky addiction that can cause serious health problems and even fatalities. Because of their overdependence on tobacco, many people have a difficult time quitting. Although nicotine substitute therapy can assist people cut down on their smoking, it still feeds nicotine to the body. And it is this that keeps the user addicted to the narcotic.

CBD may aid smokers cut down on their tobacco intake because it has few to no adverse impacts. CBD's involvement with the ECS of the organism may potentially aid in the treatment of nicotine dependence. 

However, you are always recommended to consult your doctor before taking CBD supplements to quit smoking. 

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