Hemp extracted CBD has been very useful to human life for many years now. By acting upon CB1 and CB2 receptors of our Endocannabinoid system, CBD supports our body in a fight against many physical and mental ailments. Many diverse forms of CBD oil, like tinctures, gummies, and coffees, are formulated for the same goal – aid in healing. But their use depends on your needs, all of which are available for purchase at Smilz. For instance, our coffee can help in increasing your energy level and our CBD tinctures help you with stress and anxiety. 

The two most popular methods of CBD oils are discussed in this article; Oral and topical. In oral consumption, CBD enters the body and is broken down by the digestive system to perform its services. On the other hand, in topical application, CBD is applied directly on the skin where the pain or infection appears.

Despite being different, they both share the same objective of achieving the homeostasis level which is necessary for our body regulation. 


CBD Topicals

CBD topicals provide external aid by being applied on the surface of our skin. Our digestive system breaks down the consumed CBD compounds to make them useful and effective, but when it comes to minor physical pains or infections, the digestive system stands in our way and CBD fails to provide the aid. In such cases, CBD topicals quicken relief from pain and stiffness. Our CBD topical products target the pain caused directly or indirectly by inflammation. It activates the TRVP1 receptors that are responsible for controlling the cell-signaling protein that controls the mechanism of inflammation. 

CBD topicals provide immediate comfort to the affected areas but it also makes your skin smooth and healthy. The CBD topicals prepared at Smilz consist of MCT oil, Lavender oil, and Beeswax that make your skin smooth and calm. The eucalyptus present in CBD topical products is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.  

Bioavailability of CBD Topicals

The term; Bioavailability means the degree and pace at which the CBD enters the bloodstream; in this manner, it accesses the spot of action. The bioavailability of CBD largely depends on the amount applied, its design, and its manufacturer. Usually, CBD oil possesses’ low bioavailability but Smilz CBD topical still allows the direct insertion into the skin, enough to help ease the affected area. The major types of CBD Topicals include;

  • Creams: The full-spectrum CBD creams are made to provide aid in pain and inflammation. They are soft, non-greasy in texture, and can be applied directly to the affected area. 
  • Lotions: CBD lotion with the mixture of MCT oil, Lavender oil, and beeswax are useful in fighting dry and dull skin. It provides the hydration the skin needs to look young and healthy. CBD lotions often combine wholesome CBD with moisturizing ingredients to maintain health.
  • Balms: Along with the shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and coconut oil, CBD balms provide moisturizing effects to your cracked and rough skin. It also helps in treating eczema-affected skin and also aids in fighting many other skin issues. 


CBD Orals

The most common way to consume is oral, where it works at the systematic level. The CBD oil enters our body through our mouth from where it enters the bloodstream or our digestive system. There are two possible ways you can consume your CBD orally; sublingually and ingestion. The bioavailability of CBD orals is comparatively high.  

Sublingual administration

Sublingual is the Latin word for “under the tongue” In medical terms, it means placing the pharmaceutical drug under the tongue to gain its health-related benefits. In this method, CBD oil drops are placed under the tongue from where it enters the bloodstream directly and binds with the receptors of our ECS. The Smilz CBD oil tinctures are dropped under the tongue and held for at least a minute. Upon swallowing, Smilz CBD tinctures promote the healthy modulation of inflammation in our bodies.  

Ingestion administration

Ingestion refers to the consumption of CBD oil by eating or directly swallowing it. It is probably the easiest, the convenient, and oldest method of consuming CBD oil. By this means, CBD enters the digestive system directly and are and is eventually broken down into different compounds. The separated compounds of CBD enter the bloodstream to provide aid in the cure of body ailments. Smilz offers you many different and easy options for ingesting your CBD  such as coffee, gummies, and capsules that provide the long-lasting effects of hemp. 

Types of Oral CBD?

Many types of CBD created for oral consumption are available:

  • Oil tinctures - CBD tincture is a fast and simple method to consume CBD. Place a few CBD drops under your tongue for a minute and then swallow it for the best results. 
  • Capsules: CBD capsules are probably the oldest and easiest way of using CBD. One Smilz CBD capsule before sleeping or in the morning is enough for the desired results. 
  • Gummies: Smilz CBD gummies are the tastiest and fun way to consume your CBD. They are excellent for beginners and also their richness in taste makes them easily consumed
  • Coffee: Coffees prepared at Smilz provide you the best experience of freshness and energy.


Difference between oral and Topical CBD: Which One is For You?

Oral and topical CBD shares the same goal and foundation but they differ in consumption and experience of effect. Oral CBD enters your bloodstream and digestive system when consumed directly, thus, it makes it more suitable for helping to alleviate serious diseases like insomnia, anxiety, and post-cancer treatment. On the other hand, topical CBD is applied on the surface of the affected area which means it has low bioavailability and makes it more suitable for dealing with pains and inflammation. The oral CBD product takes up to 30 minutes to show its effects while topical CBD might show its effect immediately. 

If you are looking for suitable CBD products, Visit our store to make your pick, and feel free to contact us, we will gladly help you in finding the best CBD product depending on your needs.