Are Smilz CBD Tinctures and CBD Softgels the same? Don’t they offer the same benefits to us? After all, both of them contain CBD Oil! But of course, they do have their differences. Before moving onto the differences, let us take a look at what CBD oil is? What are the benefits of using CBD oil?

General Benefits of CBD:

CBD is one of the most well-renowned cannabinoids and here’s an interesting fact, over 100 cannabinoid compounds are found in the Cannabis sativa plant from which the CBD oil is derived. You need not fret about getting high on CBD oil as it is free of  THC. The CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body's ECS system respond positively to CBD oil as it helps to maintain the balance in our ECS systems. An enhanced feeling of relaxation and relief from minor discomforts are some of the benefits of the infusion of CBD oil into our systems.

The following benefits are closely associated with the usage of CBD oils:

  • Enhanced sense of relaxation
  • Lightens your mood
  • Reduces minor discomfort and a feeling of unease
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Aids recovery from extreme or strenuous physical activities
  • Inculcates a sense of peace and calm

CBD oil is available in a wide range of concentrations because, just like the method of usage, the strength of the oil serves a key role in executing the purpose of using CBD oil. You can go one step further and customize the serving size when it comes to CBD tinctures.

Why Is CBD Effective and Why Does It Work?

The human brain and the central nervous system are home to the CB1 receptors whilst the CB2 receptors interact closely with the peripheral nervous system, various other organs, and the immune system.

The CB1 receptors are drawn towards the CBD oil molecules while the CB2 receptors welcome THC. By being drawn towards certain receptors, CBD transmits signals through your cells and the surrounding tissue to your organs.

The CB1 and CB2 receptors in your ECS system welcome the presence of CBD oil and work in tandem to maintain your body’s balance and homeostasis. Bear in mind that ECS is the reason behind your great moods and positive vibes from a physical and mental perspective.

How CBD Oil Works?

Once CBD oil penetrates the bloodstream, it is bound to interact and work in harmony with your ECS system regardless of the delivery method you choose. Ingestion, inhalation, and topical application are some of the most popularly used methods for delivery. Let us explore in depth the benefits and distinct differences between each of the delivery methods, particularly the CBD oil tinctures and softgels in particular.

CBD Tinctures and CBD Softgels: 

The real difference between the two is drained down to the lasting effects and absorption rates of the various delivery methods. Absorption through a membrane is the fastest method to infuse your bloodstream with CBD oils while ingestion remains the slowest method. Let's take a look at their similarities and differences.

CBD Tinctures:

The use of CBD tinctures is undoubtedly the fastest way to let your body revel in the benefits of CBD oils. All it takes is a good fifteen to thirteen minutes for the CBD oil to be absorbed into your bloodstream. The benefits of CBD oil will last for a few hours.

CBD oil tinctures can be taken by sprinkling a few drops of CBD oil beneath your tongue. Before swallowing make sure to hold it there for 30 seconds. This will assure that the CBD oils are absorbed through your membrane and enter the bloodstream faster.

Being able to customize your serving size of CBD oil to serve your body needs and preferences is one of the key benefits of using CBD oils via a tincture. You can use CBD oil tinctures conveniently at any time of the day such as before going to sleep, after a long day at work, or before your morning meals. Here’s a well-thought-out list of when you should use CBD oil tinctures:

  • When you want to customize your dosage
  • When you have time to let it absorb
  • When you want the benefits of the oil to last a few hours
  • When you want CBD oil to work in tandem with your body faster
  • When you want to add CBD oil to your food and drinks

CBD Softgels: 

When swallowed it takes longer for the CBD oils to reach your system as it has to pass through your metabolism first. CBD Softgels come in 750 mg concentrations and are available in 30-day and 60-day bottles. 

But of course, unlike tinctures, the ability to customize with Softgels is much lesser. Due to lower rates of absorption via ingestion of CBD Softgels, Although the effect lasts longer, for about seven or eight hours for you to enjoy the benefits with this method of delivery. Here are some reasons on when’s the right time to use CBD Softgels;

· If you are not looking for immediate effect

· And, want it to last longer during the day

How Much CBD Should You Take?

You must have noted that the labels of the CBD products may have the servings stamped on them ranging from 300mg, 750mg, and 1000mg. Ever wondered what the actual strengths of CBD oil is? Ever thought about what level of strength is best for you, given the situation and your needs.

The CBD bottles contain the serving size per serving as well as the total amount contained in the bottle. One dropper full has 33.3mg of CBD oil in each serving. And of course, there’s always that little extra of CBG, CBN, and terpenes that will enrich and enhance your bodily needs from the goodness of CBD oil. It is assured that you will receive 33.3mg of CBD per serving. For the Softgels, each soft gel capsule is packed with a potent 25mg of pure, premium CBD.


The ideal level of CBD oil strength is greatly affected by the preferred delivery method. While ingestion may be the most convenient one, it takes a longer time to reach the system and has a slower absorption rate as well. The median between the two delivery methods in terms of absorption, strength, and convenience is through a mucous membrane.

However, the strength of the CBD oils that provides the optimum benefits varies from person to person owing to changes in body type and size. Thus, it might take some time for your body to get accustomed to the best method. Thus, the amount of CBD intake you require to make the most out of depends on the delivery method, body size, and Personal preference

Try connecting with us in case of reporting any other issue you have faced while consuming CBD oil. And now that your misconception and misunderstandings toward CBD tinctures and softgels are cleared, Why not give it a try? 

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