In past years many states have legalized CBD for therapeutic purposes, recreational purposes, and a slew of other beneficial reasons. The FDA has permitted the production of the hemp plant with only 0.3% THC. Smilz only manufactures its products with legal US hemp. However, most jurisdictions still believe the purchase, distribution, or consumption of hemp to be illegal. These are the ten justifications for legalizing cannabis for commercial and personal use.

1.    Hemp is less harmful than alcohol: 

The banning of liquor has, of course, been attempted before. And, based on the record of the fight against drugs, law-makers appear to have learned zero from this unsuccessful project. It is difficult to abuse cannabis seeing as a deadly dosage would require consuming 20,000 to 40,000 times the quantity of THC in one intake, which is very likely impossible as CBD products are only allowed to possess 0.3% THC. Hemp has also been said to have a lower addiction potential than other substances.

2.    Sugar and caffeine are more addictive than CBD: 

Many types of research and surveys have indicated that most individuals drink coffee on a daily basis. They develop the habit and start depending on caffeine. This behavior has been proved to be even more dangerous than cannabis abuse.

A survey showed that between 80 and 90 percent of individuals and adolescents in North America drink coffee regularly. Coffee overdose, coffee withdrawal, coffee dependency, sleep disturbance caused by coffee, and caffeine-induced social anxiety are all mental illnesses linked to caffeine usage.

Not only coffee, but sugar, has also been proven to be highly addictive. Sugar is a physiologically addicting substance. Sugar is found in nearly 75% of food items, and one researcher found that laboratory mice prefer sweets to heroin in dependency tests because the benefit is higher, and the "buzz" is stronger. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to many health problems like obesity and cardiovascular issues.

Compared to these two- cannabinoids seem to be less addictive, and less dangerous for health.


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3.    Americans believe it is harmless:

The majority of Americans today feel that using CBD is harmless. Based on statistics from the Annual Study on Drug Abuse, the percentage of people who feel CBD is dangerous has decreased from 51% to 40%. This survey data indicates how the attitude of people has changed towards cannabis in a few years. Now more people want to consume CBD to heal their mental and physical ailments.

4.    It helps against cancer:

CBD can potentially help in easing down many symptoms and pains related to cancer. Cancer patients who use CBD products report that it helps them with sickness, diarrhea, hunger, pain relief, and stress relief. Medical research shows that cannabis does not treat any of these features as effectively as the strongest accessible drugs, but it does have the benefit of helping manage chronic ailments at once. CBD can also be used to help heal individuals who have struggled to respond to other treatments.


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5.    The banning might lead to more misconceptions: 

Many people have always thought of the hemp plant as a dangerously addictive drug. The main reason behind all the misconceptions was the banning of hemp by the government. The prohibition only highlighted the negative effects of cannabis, most of which were only myths. People thought it was a psychoactive drug that only creates buzz and promotes criminal behavior. However, after the legalization, many people became aware of how helpful this particular drug is in providing mental and physical aid. Finally, people are noticing its medicinal benefits. To keep the positive attitude of people towards CBD, the proper legalization of hemp is necessary.

6.    The economic benefits of legalizing CBD:

As the first jurisdictions have started to shift their legal views, the economic advantages of legalizing CBD have already been obvious. Ultimately, legalizing cannabis might have a significant impact on local budgets and generate significant revenue for both the federal and state governments.

7.    It helps against anxiety: 

The main reason why CBD should never be banned again is its ability to help aid against serious anxiety symptoms. Anxiety and depression are the common issues almost everyone faces in their daily life. With the increased workload and stress, any aid promoting relief is a welcome benefit. Realizing this need for CBD oil in our everyday life, authorities should always think twice before banning any CBD product in the future.


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8.    CBD has been scientifically proven:

Many people have now realized the beneficial effects of CBD due to the research conducted by professionals. A few years back, people thought CBD was just a marketing scam. The reason behind this myth also links with the banning of CBD. The previous ban of CBD from the government made it difficult for researchers to study cannabinoids thoroughly. Government should provide the researchers a suitable environment and authority to research cannabis and its cannabinoids completely. And this can only happen if CBD products are entirely legal in all states.

9.    Income and jobs: 

Not only would legalizing CBD and cannabis lead to a better economy, but it might also create a golden opportunity for unemployed people. By starting their licensed CBD firms, people may be able to reverse their financial conditions. It also gives job options to workers at farms and companies.

10. The variety of products: 

The main reason why CBD should remain legalized is its vast range of different products. It comes in many different strengths and shapes. The forms make it easy for almost everyone to consume CBD as they like. People who prefer to consume it as a buzz can smoke the weed through a joint or pipe. Some might enjoy it more in the form of coffee. People who desire less can enjoy the CBD pure, and those not bothered with THC can try full-spectrum products. CBD oilgummiescapsules are the easiest and convenient ways of cannabis consumption.

The bottom line:

CBD oil has been providing health benefits for many years now. Its banning has already caused us a great deal of financial and health loss. To avoid this loss in the future, the government should keep it legal.

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