10 Reasons Athletes Use CBD Oil For Sporting Injuries

Athletes place a great deal of pressure on their bodies and their bones, which can have both beneficial and harmful consequences. Muscular damage, chronic strain, and wounds encourage adjustments and improved productivity, however they also contribute to injury and suffering. As such, more and more athletes are turning to CBD for safer sporting activities, better workouts, and better injury management. Some possible CBD benefits include:

  • Fewer sports anxiety
  • Better sleep quality
  • Aid in pain and inflammation
  • An energy booster
  • Better psychological conditions
  • An aid against many injuries


With these enormous potential health benefits,  CBD products have risen in popularity and use, yet many athletes still hesitate to incorporate it into their daily routine. With that being said, we compiled a list of reasons why you should not hesitate to consume Smilz CBD products.


1. It Is Lawful:

For a long time, cannabinoids (CBD) was thought to be a part of marijuana that is psychotropic. Many people thought that hemp and marijuana are the same, and that both have the same euphoric effects. After several claims by hemp consumers that hemp did not get them as high as marijuana, scientists started to examine the compounds of both. After conducting several studies, research, and experiments, it was clear that hemp extracts such as CBD are non-psychoactive in nature and generally will not cause any high. By keeping the beneficial health effects in view, the FDA legalized the production and consumption of CBD oil, as long as it contained 0.3% of THC or less in it. Hence now many athletes can enjoy CBD without any restriction. They can enjoy the entourage effect of Full-spectrum and Broad-spectrum products, or they can consume pure CBD oil.


2. Finding The Right Dose Is Easy:

Finding the right dosage of CBD is generally easy to do. You can choose from different strengths based on your needs and can start with a low dosage. As an athlete, you can start with one or two drops under your tongue and gradually increase the intake as needed. If you further want to increase the dosage, you might add a few drops of CBD to your meals.


3. CBD In Protein Shakes:

As an athlete, you might already incorporate protein shakes into your daily routine. Many athletes rely on shakes and smoothies as part of an overall healthy diet. Adding CBD oil to a smoothie or a protein shake is a quick and effective way of taking CBD oil. 

CBD oil is legally allowed to contain only 0.3% of THC, which is generally insufficient (but not uncommon) to create a high. It is generally considered to be safe to use without the worry of getting “high.”


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4. Helps Against Pain:

Many athletes face different types of body stress almost every day. These wounds and injuries might heal, but the pain can linger even after weeks. CBD oil can be one of the best options to choose in this situation. By binding with ECS receptors, CBD and THC can aid in reducing the feeling of pain and help provide the feeling of calmness and relaxation.


5. Bruise:

Bruises can stay with athletes for a long time. Not only does CBD oil help promote relief against the pain of injury, but also helps to remove these marks. Apply CBD topical products on the bruises twice a day, and you should see the results in a few weeks. These CBD topicals do not only help with bruises, but they can also help make the skin much smoother and softer.


6.    Drug Testing

Athletes are constantly drug tested due to strenuous guidelines from their respective sports. They are not allowed to step foot on a court, or on a field with a positive drug test. Broad-spectrum CBD is a great alternative option for athletes because it does not contain THC, and therefore should result in a negative drug test. 


7. Source And Production Of CBD:

CBD extracts are carefully derived from U.S green, legal hemp plants. These extracts are processed through many techniques that make the cannabinoids more efficient and less harmful. The experts in this business make sure that no psychoactive or harmful chemicals are added.


8. No Side Effects:

CBD oil is made with all-natural cannabinoids and healthy ingredients, thus, the chances of facing any harmful reactions while taking CBD are almost negligible. Many types of research have also proved that CBD products contain no, to very few side effects. However, you can avoid these minor side effects through simple steps such as the right dosage and a high-quality purchase.


9. The Different Shapes And Forms:

Many companies have started to introduce many different forms of CBD products. You are not only bound to CBD oils, but can also consume sweet CBD gummiesCBD capsules, or a cup of CBD coffee.


10. The Products Are Also Available Online:

Many players might find it difficult to go and shop for CBD supplements. However, it is not a problem at all, as many companies including Smilz offer their consumers the ability to purchase the oil online. You can now buy CBD products with one click.


These are just a few of the reasons for incorporating CBD oil into your everyday practice as an athlete. As additional studies into the advantages of CBD oil are conducted, we should anticipate seeing additional usage emerge over the period. For further inquiry contact Smilz.